Ultimate Surrender – S8E25 – (1) Dia Zerva vs. Saffron

there has never been a noob who has faced the level of competition in her first three matches, that Saffron has. Triple Crown winner and Summer Vengeance III champion, Ariel X. the season 1 OG, the only woman to have her colours officially retired, and the all-time leader in career wins, Dragon Lily. and this week, another Triple Crown winner, and the defending champion of Summer Vengeance, Dia Zerva.

speaking of Dia, she hasn’t lost a match in nearly two years. she is the gold standard in the lesbian sexfight industry. she is brought in to put Saffron thru her paces. a great chance to polish your skillset, for both veteran and noob alike, with Summer Vengeance fast approaching. Dia was forced to submit once, and certainly had her hands full. in the end, she walked away with a 276-42 win.

we were all set to elevate Saffron into the top 10. but with news that Cheyenne Jewel would soon be making her debut, we held off on promoting her to the first division. we look forward to seeing how Saffron stacks up against some of the mid-carders. she has the potential to be a top 5 wrestler very soon!

it is being reported that Ariel X & Chloe Camilla defeated Dragon Lily & Tori Lux in the live tag match from this past Friday. doesn’t surprise me b/c AX is better than DL, and I think Chloe would beat Tori in a singles match. of course, if it turns out that DL & Tori won, then you can expect us to give a retraction and apology…



One Response to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E25 – (1) Dia Zerva vs. Saffron”

  1. The Ringmaster Says:

    Saffron is shaping up nicely and should go in with Hollie or Bella in her next match. That gaping cunt may be a bit of a weakness. If you can get your fist in, how easy will it be to finger!

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