World’s Greatest Camera Salesman Eats World’s Greatest Calzone

and now I know why George Steinbrenner was so adamant about eating calzones every day for lunch on that episode of Seinfeld. I had one for the very first time on my recent trip to Boston. shit caught me off guard, it was so fucking good. a regular-sized steak and cheese calzone that could feed an entire family, I was nursing that shit into the next day. we ordered from Amici’s, located on the North End. tell ’em Persie sent you…

quick shout-out to Blue Ribbon Bar-B-Q located in West Newton. I had the Texas Brisket with a side of mashed potatoes and cole slaw. Texas Brisket was so tender and juicy, shit just melted in my mouth. BEST MASHED POTATOES…EVER!!! I don’t know if it was the potatoes, or maybe they used more milk, more butter, whateva, shit was incredible. I was nursing that shit the next day, too…

my friend brought home some treats from her job at the restaurant where she works. we had lasagna and baked penne. ate the hell out of it, enuff said. she also made pancakes for breakfast on Sunday morning, and The Rock likes pancakes! I don’t think I’ve eaten this good over the course of an entire weekend in a very long time…


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