2K Sports Owes Stevie Richards…One Million Dollars

it’s true, it’s damn true! former ECW wrassler and avid gamer/techie, Steven Richards (real name Michael Manna), threw a perfect game in Major League Baseball 2K11. this is newsworthy b/c 2K Sports has a contest where if you throw a perfect game, you win $1 million. sure enough, there was a loophole, in that the contest doesn’t actually start until April 1. total and utter bullshit, seeing as how the game was released on March 8.

I gotta hand it to Stevie, he has taken it all in stride. he wasn’t even thinking that he had won the million, banking on there being some stipulations (three pages worth of them!) he hasn’t made a big deal about the million, and is content to bask in the glory of being the first person to achieve a perfect game.

Stevie Richards Screwed Out of 2K11 Million?
check out Stevie’s T4 show



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