Ultimate Surrender – S8E26 – (6) Cheyenne Jewel vs. Cece Stone

with the exception of Isamar Gutierrez, there may be no more coveted “free agent” on the market, than Cheyenne “The Wrangler” Jewel. Cheyenne makes her Ultimate Surrender debut, but she is far from your typical noob. those who follow the sport, know that Cheyenne has already done battle on other sites, with many of the greats, who currently grace the US roster. with five years experience under her belt, she makes an immediate impact on the rankings.

Cece Stone is wrestling her third match of the season. much like her noob brethren, Saffron, she has faced some of the best Ultimate Surrender has to offer (Wenona, Ariel X) she always gives 100%, and hates to submit. at 5’10” and a buck-fifty, she certainly has the physical prowess to go far on this site. after her match with Cheyenne, could she be ready to take on the mid-carders?

despite being outweighed by 25 lbs. and giving up a 5″ height advantage, Cheyenne simply overpowered her bigger opponent. Cheyenne fingered Cece early and often, and had a counter for everything she tried to throw at her. a classic tale of experience winning out over size, as Cheyenne rolled to a 375-0 victory. she was even nice enough to let Isis join in on the rd 4 festivities.

in other news from the world of lesbian sexfighting, there are more shake-ups in our rankings. Wenona defeated Hollie Stevens in this week’s update at *cough* The Academy *cough*, and is elevated to 5th. we’re putting Saffron in the top 10 (9), Bella Rossi is 7th, Hollie is 8th, and Samantha Sin is 10th. now, if they can just convince Isamar to come to the Armory.

I’m 99.9% sure that Matt will ask Cheyenne back. if she competes in Summer Vengeance, she is a lock for the 1/4 finals, and depending on how the seedings play out, could be a surprise 1/2 finalist, or even find herself competing in the championship match. I like her chances against any of the Big 4 (with the exception of Dia, altho it would probably be a hella good match) Cece deserves a spot in Summer Vengeance, I’d put her somewhere between 13-16. a match between her and Allie Haze in the first round, would be interesting.

Jewel Throne

2 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E26 – (6) Cheyenne Jewel vs. Cece Stone”

  1. Grem BHM Says:

    If only Isamar could join US !!!

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Would like to see Cheyenne take on Darling. Those big juggs might just get milked.

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