Local Technophobe To Give Twitter Another Chance

have u heard about the hot new inferwebz sensation known as Twitter? it’s where pornstars talk about who they’re fucking. it’s where celebrities talk about how much they’re WINNING! it’s where average schmucks talk about how they passed out on the toilet, due to the noxious fumes emanating from their stool, b/c they mixed Grey Goose and Chipotle.

I dabbled in Twitter for the better part of a coupla weeks in June 2008, right before I started this blog. I reckon u could say I don’t much stick to one thing for very long. I’ve quit and re-joined facebook twice. this is my third blog. I will try to stay active on all three. I’ll leave my facebook up in case ppl wish to post pics of me in various states of decline. I will tweet when something catches my fancy. I’ve been doing a pretty good job of updating the blog on a fairly regular basis. look for me on twitter: persieofburbury, and catch me tonite at the Black Cat for America’s #1 funnyman, Neil Hamburger. later, chomsky honks…



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