Ultimate Surrender – S8E27 – Aiden Ashley vs. Tori Lux

Aiden Ashley calls herself TAZ. beat her, if you can! survive, if she lets you! she is making her wrestling debut, but she comes from an athletic background. she is a quick learner, and knows how to capitalize on an opponent’s weakness. she utilized approx. 75% of the moves she learned during the intermissions. she knew wrestlers can score the most points with fingers in their opponent’s pussy.

this was a truly damaging loss in more ways than one for Tori. sure, she lost to a wrestler, who was making her debut. Matt made some pretty damning comments about her work ethic. he said she was a bully, and that when she loses it’s b/c no one has taught her anything. she didn’t take the match seriously, thinking she would coast to a win. he mentioned that she was on her phone constantly texting in between rounds. whereas, Aiden was taking instruction, and putting that knowledge to good use, in pulling off the first upset of the season. Aiden learned more in one round, than Tori has in four matches.

post-match, Aiden sounded genuinely excited to be there. she wants to come back and wrestle some more. she wants to be involved in a closer match. Tori sounded like she was just there for the paycheck. I seriously doubt anyone is buying her excuse that she was sick. the way Matt tells it, he may not even want Tori back. after watching her interview, I don’t blame him.



One Response to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E27 – Aiden Ashley vs. Tori Lux”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Aiden is an interesting prospect.Would be good to see her up against more experienced opposition such as Sam Sin or Tia Ling. Before then, she should be thrown in against the elite to get her pussy fingered and her ass fucked.

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