Local Woman Skirts Issue Of Mistagged MP3 With Offer Of Mid-Grade Vodka

had a chance to catch up on some shows on Saturday nite. a coupla episodes of Adventure Time, an episode of Archer. the highlight was the Warren The Ape season finale. Warren turns his memoirs into a rock opera. fuckin’ hilarious, best of the season, a perfect 10! normally, I don’t like musical episodes, but this was an exception. the numbers were well-COREY-ographed and hysterical. there were parts where I couldn’t stop laughing. Corey Feldman made a special appearance as Warren’s father.

Corey Feldman

during one of the intermissions, a Nine Inch Nails song came on. no big whoop, except for the fact that the song was mislabeled! I vomited tears of anger and confusion, trying to comprehend how Ladytron could have been identified as the song’s artist. to her credit, the tagger, who shall remain nameless, took responsibility for the malfeasance, and suggested I do a shot of Smirnoff vodka, to ease my troubled mind. we all agreed the correct tagging for the song should be Nine Inch Nails – The Beginning Of The End (Ladytron Remix) instead of Ladytron – The Beginning Of The End. experts are calling this the most egregious mistagging of an mp3, since June 2000, when local hippie, Kenneth “Brah” Brownstein, downloaded a song labeled GWAR – Low Rider, from a little known music-sharing site called Napster.

a Voivod song that sounds like Ministry? or a Voivod song that sounds like the Skatenigs? who as we all know, is Ministry’s band. so when Gibby Haynes and Al Jourgensen are listening to a Skatenigs record, and Gibby asks Al who’s band this is, Al can say it’s the band’s band.

and finally, I learned an important lesson about communicating via email with my mobile tele. I shouldn’t equate reading an email on a 19″ monitor with reading the same email on a 3″ LCD, just b/c I don’t normally hafta scroll down, when reading it on a monitor. I coulda saved myself a three-minute phone call, if I had bothered to flick my finger.

this post is dedicated to the memory of the Cool Whip, which had gone moldy. your contribution to the hot fudge sundaes was not in vain…

“ere you go, I will go with thee.”


3 Responses to “Local Woman Skirts Issue Of Mistagged MP3 With Offer Of Mid-Grade Vodka”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    The cool whip that made it to the sundaes was fresh from the freezer with not a hint of mold.

  2. Clint Says:

    Haha, this is awesome. You picked up all the mental pieces I left everywhere in my brain and wrapped them back up again. I don’t know if I would have learned as much from the night without this blogpost. I forgot about Skatenigs being “the band’s band”, muahahaha. You even worked Sabbat into it. And you’re not the first to complain about that NIN remix album being mis-tagged! My last.fm stats are rolling in their grave.

  3. links for 2011-03-22 « Clint's blog Says:

    […] JOURNAL: Local Woman Skirts Issue Of Mistagged MP3 With Offer Of Mid-Grade Vodka John The Canadien's recent account of our recent 3-hour hangout, including a review of the Warren The Ape finale. (tags: personal journal friends JohnTheCanadien hangingOut Carolyn media video TV shows cartoons CartoonNetwork AdventureTime Archer WarrenTheApe MTV CoreyFeldman bands NineInchNails tagging mis-tagged Ladytron Smirfnoff vodka Voivod Ministry Skatenigs GibbyHaynes AlJourgensen email phones cellPhones hardware CoolWhip) […]

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