Sometimes I Pretend To Know About iPads

is there anything worse than working a job in retail during the holiday season? hell yeah! how about working a job in retail during the clearance season, when all the good shit’s out of stock, and the only shit that’s left, is shit you wouldn’t wipe your ass with. we haven’t had any Canons in stock for almost 3 weeks. I’m kinda tired of telling ppl we don’t have what they’re looking for. I’m using the Nikon S8100 as my go-to camera until the 2011 models come in.

I had a woman who came in looking for the T2i, which is the one I own. of course, we don’t have that one in stock either. we started carrying the T3i now, which is for all intents and purposes, the same camera. same 18 MP, same 3.7fps, same 9-point AF, same Digic 4 image sensor, blah blah blah. she did her best to stifle a yawn, as I bored her with all the features. I offered to sell her mine, and threw in a complimentary salad tossing. she asked what accessories she would need for the camera, and I asked her if she liked horseradish sauce…

iPad2 came out a few weeks ago, and I don’t give a fuck. if nothing else, Apple is great at marketing. they have an initial shipment that sells out in an hour, and then they leave all those fanboys unlucky enough not to get one, frothing at the mouth, for a shipment that could come tomorrow, next week, next month, who knows? one woman asked me what the difference between the first and second generation iPads was. I was like “fuck if I know, I think it’s got a camera that takes shitty photos.” she was all like “oh, b/c didn’t they just release the first one six months ago.” and I was all like “probably” and she was all like “I like your style, u wanna buy me a drink?” and then I was like “just so u know, I’m a non-practicing recovering alcoholic.” and she was all like “what does that mean?” and then I was all like “it means FUCK YEAH!”



One Response to “Sometimes I Pretend To Know About iPads”

  1. Clint Says:

    Fuck Apple.

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