Happy To Be Of Cervix

oh, those Customer Service Index reports! where customers can go online and complain about how shitty their shopping experience was. my manager showed me one such review which gave our store a BIG FAT ZERO, HAHAHA! of course, being the world’s greatest camera salesman, I was not mentioned in this shopper’s review. oh no, I had a much more enjoyable experience, just prior to my manager showing me the report.

a guest came in looking for a battery for his Kodak camera. he was already being assisted by one of my fellow esteemed colleagues, when I contacted him. a few mins. later, my co-worker came back to explain that we didn’t carry the battery. it was an awkward exchange between the two, that left the customer bitter. I ended up selling him a Nikon S8100. he told me “I don’t know if you’re a manager, but I just wanna let you know, she was TERRIBLE! I never should’ve asked her for help.” I couldn’t help but crack a smile, as I secretly enjoy hearing about how shitty the service is at my store, while also reveling in the compliments I receive in turn.

after I had finished with my guest, I burst out in hysterical laughter. my co-worker, who was previously assisting the guest, asked what was so funny, and I told her that he said she was fucking terrible! she proceeded to talk about how the customer’s camera was an outdated piece of shit. I continued laughing. I always try and have at least one good laugh at work each day, and this was one of the best I’ve had in quite some time. that brief 10-minute episode made my entire day!

as always, I receive nothing but rave reviews from customers. but due to the binding verbal contract I have with each one of them, they are strictly prohibited from mentioning anything related to our interaction. back to back days of work-related blogging?!? damn, I could use a few days off…

Nikon S8100

One Response to “Happy To Be Of Cervix”

  1. Clint Says:

    We’re saving up some cartoons for thursday.

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