New ATR Single Drops

I just listened to the new single, “Blood In My Eyes” from the forthcoming ATR album Is This Hyperreal? and all I can say is they haven’t missed a beat! the uber-sexy Nic Endo lays down the vox over another finely-crafted beat, authored by the one-and-only Alec Empire, who quashed rumours that the album had been leaked online. the song deals with human trafficking, which makes me think I should reconsider my upcoming sex tour to South America, BUH HUH! this single is a strong follow-up to “Activate” which was released approx. one year ago.

YES! I’m gonna buy this album when it’s released in April. YES! I’m gonna check them out when they play BAL-TEE-MORE again. special thanks to Wrath von MagicMist for getting me interested in ATR, to Alec Empire for addressing my controversial blog stating Nic Endo was a better vocalist, than Hanin Elias, and thanks to the entire group for taking the time to hang with the fans after their show at Sonar last September. one of the best concert experiences of my life!

listen to and read more about the song here



One Response to “New ATR Single Drops”

  1. Clint Says:

    And SoundCloud lets you download a WAV of the single, which lets you encode it in whatever format you want! START THE DIET!!

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