Slayer To Record Album About How Much They Love Jesus

thrash metal pioneers, Slayer, announced today, that guitarist, Kerry King, is now a Born-Again Christian. not only that, but they are recording a Christian Contemporary album, which they are dedicating to Amy Grant. this news fuels rumours that the two acts will tour together later this year.

the epiphany stems from an October 2010 incident, when Slayer was on tour with fellow veteran metal act, Megadeth.
King described it this way:
“we had just finished downing a fifth of Jagermeister, when we stumbled in on one of Dave Mustaine’s pre-show prayer circles. it was at that moment, I realized that all the years I had spent writing songs bashing religion, were in vain. I turned my life, and my song-writing abilities, over to a higher power.”

the crowd that nite, was somewhat taken aback, when frontman Tom Araya began their set by saying “did u know, Jesus was the original Aggressive Perfector. so won’t u all please spend a Season in the Abyss, of His everlasting love.”

the band also stated that to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the seminal classic “Reign In Blood” they would be reworking the lyrics, to reflect King’s newfound love of Jesus. he also vows to make amends with each of the 18 musicians, he currently has feuds with. “it’s not my fault that they can’t play worth a fuck, and have no discernable talent. perhaps, if I pray hard enough for them, He will show them the error of their ways.”

King’s conversion came at a cost, as it was revealed that drummer Dave Lombardo, had once again left the group. taking a page out of the Van Halen playbook, Araya announced that his 12 year-old son would be filling in on drums, on their upcoming European tour.

Kerry King


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