Ultimate Surrender – S8E29 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. Chloe Camilla

Dragon is 2-0 this season, and ready to make another run at the Summer Vengeance crown. a berth straight thru to the 1/4-final round is on the horizon. this match would serve as good practice for her to try out some new techniques.

Chloe Camilla is 0-2, and ranked 18th, heading into this match. it was clear, that she had to impress Matt, to elevate into a Summer Vengeance spot. unfortunately, she dropped a spot, which may have sealed her fate, for this season.

Dragon was all over Chloe from the start, putting her exemplary fingering technique, on full display. Chloe manages to avoid cumming on the mat. it only served to delay the inevitable, as Dragon fistfucks her to a screaming orgasm in round 4, leaving her soaked in her own juices.

Dia Zerva & Allie Haze destroyed Wenona & Gia DiMarco, by around 600 points, in last nite’s tag match. the result was never really in doubt, as Dia proved once again, why she is the most dominant force in the sport today. Allie struggled against Wenona, but held her own against Gia. Princess Donna made an appearance in round 4, making Gia squirt on the mat by fingering, and then fisting her. it was one of the best tag team round 4s they’ve had, in quite a while.



One Response to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E29 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. Chloe Camilla”

  1. Joe Says:

    Wenona and Gia DiMarco look like being this season’s tag team whipping boys. Looking forward to Gia being DP’d!

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