Local Idiot Hails 6-1-1 Record With His WrestleMania Predictions

why 6-1-1? b/c Jerry Lawler beat Michael Cole, only to have the “anonymous RAW GM” overturn the decision. altho I should give myself more credit, for correctly predicting Austin and Lawler would do a beer toast in the ring, after the match. truly, this was the worst match on the card.

too bad pro wrasslin’ is not available to bet on in Vegas, b/c I woulda made a pretty penny. the only match I missed was Edge beating Alberto Del Rio. I was disappointed that it was the first match of the nite, and ended up only being around 10-15 mins. not the epic coming-of-age title match for Del Rio, that I was expecting. there was no need for Edge to take a crowbar to Alberto’s Rolls Royce. I felt bad for him.

even more disappointing, Daniel Bryan’s supposed return match for the US title against Sheamus, was bumped off the pay-per-view card. it had somehow mysteriously mutated into a dark match clusterfuck battle royal, where the title was not on the line.

back to Cole, who was more focused on getting over his uber-shitty heel persona, than calling the matches. thank goodness Jim Ross took over announce duties, in time for the epic Taker-Trips match. Hunter coming out to “For Whom The Bell Tolls” was aight. I’d offer up “Creeping Death” instead, seeing as how he was wrestling “The DeadMan” Taker is 19-0, ’nuff said.

Punk and Orton had arguably the best match of the nite. when Orton caught Punk in mid-air with that RKO, I totally marked out. I expected nothing less from the two best all-around wrasslers on the active roster.

the man everyone paid to see, THE ROCK, layeth the smacketh down on both The Miz and John Cena’s candy asses. at this point, how can they not have Cena-Rock at Summer Slam (esp. since it’s in LA) Miz is still the champ, and Rock laid out Cena with a Rock Bottom. WINNING X2! says this intrepid reporter

kudos to my buddy Kurt Angle, for getting drunk, complaining about the show on twitter, claiming his account was hacked, and then saying he never uses twitter b/c “social networking is a bitch” well played, Kurt. well played…

netflix: 4/5
imdb: 8/10



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