Carnival Machine Armada Plays Benefit Jam For Owners Of Bricked PS3s

it was a Sunday just like any other for local hippie, Leonard “Fat Lenny” Spuckler.

“I was making a grilled cheese sandwich, and watching my bootleg DVD of Phish at Lemonwheel. that’s when I got the call.”

“ahoy hoy”
“sup brah, what u up to?”
“oh, nothing much, just making a grilled cheese sandwich, and watching my bootleg DVD of Phish at Lemonwheel.”
“right on! so u remember when u asked me to jailbreak your PS3?”
“hellz yeah, shit’s gonna be epic, brah!”
“umm yeah, no, I bricked it.”
“what does that mean, brah?!?”
“it means I fucked it up, it won’t even boot up.”

and so it was at that very moment, Spuckler realized he probably should’ve done some research, before hiring day laborers to install custom firmware on his PS3. Spuckler reached out to his good friend, lead singer of Carnival Machine Armada, Persie Handfisher, for help.

“he was pretty broken up about it.” recalls Handfisher “I own the same model PS3, but I wasn’t stupid enough to try and hack it on blind faith. the only thing I thought to do, was play a benefit jam. we were gonna lay down some of the crunchiest riffs ever, just for him.”

this past Saturday nite, Carnival Machine Armada performed to a sold out crowd at Oranjello’s House of Blues in Burbury, CT. Spuckler was the guest of honour, but you wouldn’t know it, as Handfisher lobbed insults at Spuckler in between each song, under the guise that he was “trying out his Neil Hamburger impression.”

Carnival Machine Armada is one of those bands that transcends genres. their 90-minute set was littered with gems, from the stoner-rock bass-rattling drone of the artist fka Hipsterscum (now known as Le Voltigeur du King George) “Chinese Doomocracy” to the thrash metal machine gun riffs of Wrath von MagicMist on “Dead Baby Skull Fukk” and the traditional closer “Heady Sundaes”

they had a few new tunes to trot out, as well. Handfisher told the audience they were currently working on a concept album about “a toothless unemployed meth addict who tries to jailbreak his PS3” right before they ripped into the title track from said forthcoming album, “Huffin’ Pledge” a tune that gives a nod to the band’s black metal influences, which put drummer, Gauge Yagee’s impeccable blastbeat skills on full display. to show there was no real animosity between himself and Spuckler, Handfisher dedicated their cover of Phish’s “Roses Are Free” to him.

the great thing about “Adventure Time Freakout Jam” is that it’s never the same song twice, and this nite was no exception. guitar virtuoso, Lew Spiderman joined the band on-stage, in what turned out to be a 45-minute jam session for the ages. (see below for video excerpt)

Handfisher is one of the more enigmatic frontmen in music today. citing his main influences as Ogre (Skinny Puppy) and Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle), he tried desperately to straddle somewhere in between. for a man who claims to have no musical talent, his vocals were surprisingly adequate, even tho he may have gone overboard with all the Charlie Sheen jokes.

Hockey Nite In Canaduh -> My Sex Tape Nightmare -> Bongwater Buffet -> I Got These Burgers In The Fridge -> Shemales On Parade -> Huffin’ Pledge -> Chinese Doomocracy -> Dead Baby Skull Fukk -> Atomic Bondage Chapel -> Adventure Time Freakout Jam -> Fuck A Custom Firmware Update -> The Ballad of Leonard Spuckler -> Roses Are Free -> Heady Sundaes


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