Ultimate Surrender – S8E30 – Rosemary Radeva vs. Emma Haize

after a two-year hiatus, the quest for the Wooden Spoon of Ultimate Surrender returns! my blog archivists inform me, that we first gave out the award in May 2009, to Trina Michaels, with her victory over Harmony. the Wooden Spoon is a prestigious honour, reserved for the girl who manages to avoid finishing bottom of the table.

Rosemary Radeva replaces Ashley Jane as the smallest girl to ever compete on Ultimate Surrender. at 5’4″ 91 lbs, what she lacks in size, she makes up for with a nice ass. she is looking to become the third wrestler (Cheyenne Jewel, Aiden Ashley) in season 8, to win in her US debut.

Emma Haize is 0-2, and hasn’t yet faced a top 10 opponent. surely, she has learned enough from her previous outings, to pull out a win against a girl with no experience. a loss would send Emma one step closer to joining the likes of the aforementioned Harmony, and Kat.

what we have here are two of the greenest wrestlers on the roster going head-to-head. this would not be a technical masterpiece. it came down to which girl took better direction from Isis, during her between round coaching sessions. Emma was in control for most of the match, but her failure to score points, proved to be her undoing. Rosemary picks up the win 126-98, in what turned out to be a pretty good match. congratulations to Rosemary Radeva aka “The Pixie”, your 2011 Wooden Spoon recipient. Emma Haize is relegated to bottom of the US table, better luck next season!

Rosemary Radeva


10 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E30 – Rosemary Radeva vs. Emma Haize”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Matt presumably has the task of deciding which wrestler will have the pleasure of molesting Rosemary’s cute bod in her next match. Sam Sin or Mahina Zaltana would be good. I can’t wait to see the Pixie fucked in the ass. Hope the dildo thrusts don’t split her.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    special thx to arikh for breaking the news that Kiki Koi has replaced Tori Lux as Dragon’s partner on the tag circuit.

  3. Joe Says:

    I knew Emma would lose. Rosemary vs Ashley Jane, make it happen Matt! I second ringmaster’s call for Sam Sin vs Rosemary, that would be a cracker!

  4. arikh Says:

    thx for mentioning my name about this “scoope”…

    SPOILER ALERT about Samantha Sin.

    she had a match recently with Sara Jay (another new recruit), if people here wants – I can share the outcome of this match…

  5. arikh Says:


    1. Sara Jay vs Samantha Sin : 375 – 106 !!

    on her debut, sara defeats a returining veteran, with a convinsing margin.
    Samantha is ranked 11th, so Sara’s win will rank her higher (10-11), entering to SV.

    2. Kiki Koi vs Chloe Camilla : another newb wins in her debut, in a close match!

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      great info, arikh!
      I am not surprised by Kiki Koi’s win over Chloe. Kiki looks like she can hold her own on the mat. Chloe lacks the necessary spark, to advance into the mid-card. maybe a few more tag matches with Ariel, will turn things in her favour.
      I’m not familiar with Sara Jay, but to beat a vet like Sam Sin, could bode well for her ranking in Summer Vengeance.
      it looks like Sam Sin, Sara Jay, and Kiki Koi will find spots somewhere in the first round.

  6. Grem_BHM Says:

    Thanks for sharing

    So may we have a Sara vs Samantha rematch for SV ? I wouldn’t mind to see The Python vs TLF !

  7. arikh Says:

    here are the current ranks relevants:
    9. Cheyenne Jewel (1-0)
    10. Tara Lynn Fox (1-0)
    11. Samantha Sin (1-1)
    12. Jessie Cox (2-0)
    13. Allie Haze (2-1)
    14. Aiden Ashley (1-0)
    15. Cece Stone (0-3)
    16 Mahina Zaltana (0-2)

    I think Sara will be ranked above TLF…
    another returning wrestler is Rain Degrey, whos probably will be ranked 9 or 10…

    so here’s how the ranks’s going to be :
    9. Cheyenne Jewel (1-0) / Rain Degrey (1/2*-0)
    10. Cheyenne Jewel (1-0) / Rain Degrey (1/2*-0)
    11. Tara Lynn Fox (1-0) / Sara Jay (1*-0)
    12. Tara Lynn Fox (1-0) / Sara Jay (1*-0)
    13. Samantha Sin (1-2*)
    14. Jessie Cox (2-0)
    15. Allie Haze (2-1)
    16. Aiden Ashley (1-0)

    so as I see it we’ll get probably:
    9 vs 10 : Cheyenne Jewel vs Rain Degrey
    11 vs 12 : Tara Lynn Fox vs Sara Jay

    • arikh Says:

      INFO about matches:
      couple of days ago we had 2 matches
      Bella vs Serena Blair
      Rain Degrey vs Aiden Ashley

      * the rankings are shaking up real hard, as 4 girls are dropped from the rankings, three of them were in the top 16!
      Saffron, Hollie Stevens and Cece Stone…

      * Matt have published rankings that are one week ahead, in which he ranked Sara Jay 7th, above Cheyenne Jewel…
      now he fixed it, but we already got the info.

      * this is rankings right now:
      6. Wenona (1-0)
      7. Cheyenne Jewel (1-0)
      8. Tara Lynn Fox (1-0)ie
      9. Samantha Sin (1-1)
      10. Jessie Cox (2-0)
      11. Allie Haze (2-1)
      12. Aiden Ashley (1-0)
      13 Mahina Zaltana (0-2)
      14. Gia DiMarco (1-0)
      15. Sloane Soleil (0-1)
      16. Choe Camilla (0-3)

      after Sara’s match and after Rain’s match will be up and she’ll join the rankings :

      6. Wenona (1-0)
      7. Rain Degrey (1-0)
      8. Sara Jay (1-0)
      9. Cheyenne Jewel (1-0)
      10. Tara Lynn Fox (1-0)ie
      11. Samantha Sin (1-1)
      12. Jessie Cox (2-0)
      13. Allie Haze (2-1)
      14. Aiden Ashley (1-0)
      15 Mahina Zaltana (0-2)
      16. Gia DiMarco (1-0)
      17. Sloane Soleil (0-1)
      18. Choe Camilla (0-3)

      it’s going to be a hard battle on the last tickets to SV.
      Chloe probably has the least chances, as she lost her 4th match to a newb – Kiki Koi.
      for now, the battle will be between Gia, Mahina, Sloane and Kiki.

      Gia will have her 2nd match of the season later this month (april).
      Mahina will have her 3rd on may 3rd.
      I wish the two of them will have these matches against Sloane and Kiki, just to settle the last spots straight.

  8. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    my sources confirm that Cheyenne Jewel is wrestling at the Armory on April 18. no word on who her opponent is, but I’ll have more on this story soon.

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