$590 Million Well Spent

two years ago, Cisco bought the company responsible for producing the Flip video camera, and their stock has yet to fully recover. why would one of the leaders in IP-based network technology, branch into something they have no experience with, such as cameras? that’s like asking why Jim Belushi is still allowed on network tv. some things just don’t make any sense. I’m glad they pulled the plug on the Flip, as they were terrible to begin with. get a real fucking camera! hell, get the Kodak Playsport! if you’re thinking about buying stock in Cisco, now is a pretty good time, as it’s hovering right around it’s 52-week low, at $17.15.

speaking of stocks, I recently invested in China Integrated Energy (CBEH) one of the few integrated energy companies in China, that’s not run by the government. they specialize in the wholesale distribution of finished oil and heavy oil products. they are currently going thru an audit by KPMG, but it looks like they will survive. the stock closed today at $2.12 (up 10.42%) and their 52-week high is $12.31. this is what I’d like to think of as a low risk/high reward stock.

I don’t drink on my days off anymore, I follow the stock market…


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