Ultimate Surrender – S8E31 – (9) Sara Jay vs. (10) Samantha Sin

as arikh reported earlier this week, we have our first legit upset of the season. rookie, Sara Jay (1-0) aka “The Beast”, and her pendulous EE breasts, smothered seasoned veteran, Samantha Sin (1-2), to a 375-109 victory. the win catapults Sara into the top 8, which gives her an automatic berth in the second round of Summer Vengeance. this was the most impressive showing by a noob in her first match, since Dia Zerva.

with Saffron’s departure, we are ready to anoint Sara Jay, the next big thing in Ultimate Surrender. she has the potential to knock off a few more veterans, if she can maintain control, with those titanic jugs of hers. a match-up with Bella Rossi is mandatory!

Rain Degrey is back in the fold, and will be seeded somewhere in the top 8. my personal rankings have Cheyenne Jewel at 6, but Matt will more than likely have her seeded 9th, which means she could be wrestling 10th-seeded Tara Lynn Foxx at the Armory on April 18. other potential Summer Vengeance first round matches include:
Samantha Sin (11th in Matt’s rankings) vs. Jessie Cox
Allie Haze vs. Aiden Ashley
Mahina Zaltana vs. Gia DiMarco
there is a chance Kiki Koi could sneak into the top 16, on the strength of her victory over Chloe Camilla

the following wrestlers will not be involved in Summer Vengeance:
Hollie Stevens is out due to medical leave, we wish her all the best!
Saffron is gone, in what has to be the most disappointing retirement, since Brix
Cece Stone is unavailable
Ashley Jane has gone MIA

keep watching the comments section of this post for further updates…

Sara Jay


15 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E31 – (9) Sara Jay vs. (10) Samantha Sin”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Sara Jay is a big ugly fucker but this first performance shows she’s in it to win it and that is always nice to see. She has been fucked and sucked cock in boxing rings often enough during her long and punishing career so maybe she has a combat sports fetish. Sara also passes the key Ringmaster test of durability in that she can take any amount of arduous gangbanging from big dicked meatheads. Not many girls will like to have those sweaty, pendulous juggs clamped around their faces or have that garlic breath face up close for a licking. Sheer weight won this one for Sara but it will be good to see her get wiped all over the mat by a quality wrestler (maybe Darling for a duel of the juggs) and then double vag fucked by the winner and Isis.

  2. Joe Says:

    Ah, the dilemma of Ultimate Surrender. As one of my all-time favourites, I love watching Samantha Sin kick ass and take names. On the other hand, I love watching her get fucked. Still quite disappointed she lost though, Sara Jay doesn’t do anything for me.

  3. arikh Says:

    Gia Dimarco’s going to wrestle Rosemary Radeva on monday. Gia is the clear favorite to win.
    it seems like Matt handle Gia with silk gloves as Gia is wrestling this season only the two lowest ranked girls.
    I guess Gia will have flawless victory over Rosemary, a win which will asure her the final ticket.

    Kiki Koi won over Chloe was in a close match, which won’t be enough to take Gia’s spot. unless she gets another match this season – she probably won’t be in SV.

    Dana Vixen, brown belt in jiu jitsu, have said she is going to be on ultimate surrender next season. she talked about her first match, which as she’s been told – will be against Dia Zerva or another wrestler of such level (the elite). Dana insisted she’s going to give to her elite opponent a real run for her money…

  4. Ringmaster Says:

    Bella or Iona would also be good opponents for Sara’s next match. For some added edge, why not have an agreement that the loser gets her tits whipped by Isis?
    Shame about Saffron, she may go down as the best wrestler never to pound loser pussy. Any more details as to why she’s pulled out?

  5. arikh Says:

    this monday :
    1. Gia Dimarco vs Rosemary Radeva
    2. Wenona vs Cheyenne Jewel

    not so sorry for Saffron retirement, as she wasn’t girlie, beautiful or sexy enough. wrestling skills comes 2nd to these parameters. same thing was with Syd.

  6. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Cheyenne has already wrestled (and beaten Wenona) on several other sites. I don’t see the outcome being any different, this time around.

    I have no idea why Saffron quit. she woulda been one of my darkhorse favourites, to win Summer Vengeance.

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    Don’t agree about Saffron. Syd looked like a bloke but Saffron had tits and you could imagine her being a pleasurable fuck once she was under control. Plus she took it in the ass and loved it when she lost. She could have been a contender and I’ll miss her even if Arikh won’t.

  8. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Cheyenne Jewel beat Wenona. she and Isis gave Wenona’s asshole quite a workout in round 4. word is, Cheyenne referred to Isis as the Goddess…of Sodomy, twice! can’t wait for this match to be posted!

  9. arikh Says:

    celticfrostedflakes (huepow ?), Cheyenne beat Wenona ?? wow! it’s going to mess up the ranks. does your source have info about Gia and Rosemary’s match (which was just before this match) ?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      yeap, this is huepow 🙂 Cheyenne has the ability to crack the top 3 by the end of the season. I don’t have any info on the Gia DiMarco-Rosemary Radeva match, but I’d take Gia by 200+ points.

  10. arikh Says:

    Cheyenne top 3 ? if it’ll happened, you said it first.

    beating Wenona is one thing, but the real elite – Dia, Ariel, Darling and Dragon are another thing.

    there’s also Bella whos maybe the closest wrestler now to the elite, but even her is still couple of steps behind them.

    Wenona isn’t the elite section door keeper. she’s a great wrestler who can demolish low ranked and newbies, but she have shown volnurbility even to mid ranked girls such as Madison Young and Alexa Von Tess.

    the margin of Chyenne’s win can put more light on her future.

  11. Ringmaster Says:

    Not surprised Wenona got her ass kicked and fucked by Cheyenne, who I believe will also beat Darling and Dragon on a good day. US needs a few more skilled wrestlers who are capable of mixing it in this company rather than the multitude of flaky porn sluts who have a few matches and then go missing. Whatever happened to Krissy Lyn and Mahina Zaltana, who actually showed some promise on the mat?

  12. arikh Says:

    Krissy Lynn is now living in chile, she’s still making porn, but not much as before, so I don’t think she’ll be back wrestling.

    Mahina Zaltana is still here, in fact, she’s going to wrestle very soon – May 3rd. don’t know yet against whom, but I guess after two loses to veterans, she will be matched with a low ranked…

  13. Ringmaster Says:

    It will be good to see Zaltana enjoying a win. She’s a skanky little fucker with a delightfully tight bod – great ass cheeks – who will do a good job on her opponent in Rd4 with or without help from Isis. Aiden Ashley, Gia or Serena Blair would be suitable opponents.
    Krissy should be brought back for a few matches during one of her porn shoot visits. The elite need to be thrown a meaty bod like hers from time to time.
    An exceptional no holes barred performance on Public Disgrace underlines Cheyenne Jewel’s qualities of endurance. This girl is going to take some beating in SV, judging by the resilience she showed during a fairly brutal DP pounding. Is the rest of her as tough as her cunt and asshole?

  14. Yawning Says:

    Sara jay has been making my dick sleepy for years I think it’s time to retire……..LOL

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