Neve Campbell Finds Work In Scream 4

can you believe Wes Craven wants to do another Scream trilogy? did they learn nothing from Star Wars? Scream 4 follows the exploits of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) who writes a book on the ordeal of having to work with David Arquette on three movies. Dennis Scream, has retired from being a serial killer, moved to a gated community, started a family, and now works as an assistant elephant semen extraction specialist, at the zoo.

Scream gets a hold of Sidney’s book, and is none too thrilled that he is portrayed in such a negative light. on top of that, his agent tells him that he is not entitled to any royalties, from sales of the book.

Scream confronts Sidney at a book-signing, words are exchanged. in an effort to appease Scream, Gale Weathers Riley (Courteney Cox) offers him a bit part on her ABC show “Cougar Town” she says they won’t pay him anything more than scale wage, since he would only have a few lines in the episode. Scream suggests he appear as a recurring character, involved in a romantic relationship with Cox’s character. she says that’s not gonna happen, and they were hoping he could do a cameo as himself. citing a need to branch out as an actor, Scream balks at the offer, and he reverts back to his roots as the ghostface killer.

yeah, this is probably the best Scream, since the first one, but I take no satisfaction in knowing I will hafta sit thru two more movies to get any type of closure.

Neve Campbell
Neve Campbell poses with Dennis Scream, Courteney Cox, and other Scream castmates, during happier times


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