Ultimate Surrender – S8E32 – (5) Bella Rossi vs. Serena Blair

with only a handful of matches left in the regular season, the following weeks provide an opportunity for veterans to hone their skills, prior to Summer Vengeance. Bella Rossi defeated Adrianna Nicole in her only other match, this season. the big 4 is already locked in, but Bella is back to lay claim to #5.

Serena Blair aka “The Jockey” is the latest noob to bring her skillz to the Armory. it’s too late for her to make a dent in the rankings, but what she learns in her match with Bella, will prepare her for qualification in next year’s Summer Vengeance.

Bella lived up to her “Annihilator” nickname by scoring a decisive 500-46 victory over Serena. Ms. Blair showed promise by scoring style points, and holding control. she is a welcome addition to the featherweight division.

Sara Jay is currently ranked 7th (according to Matt), BUT, with the return of Rain Degrey, and Cheyenne Jewel (8th) scoring a victory over Wenona, 5-8 is up for grabs. Bella will probably hold at 5, Cheyenne should move up to 6, Rain and Wenona will be 7 and 8, respectively. if traditional seedings hold up in the tournament, then u have some interesting 1/4 final matches:
Dia Zerva vs. Wenona
Ariel X vs. Rain Degrey
Dragon Lily vs. Cheyenne Jewel
Darling vs. Bella Rossi

it should be noted, Cheyenne Jewel defeated Dragon Lily at Academy


14 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E32 – (5) Bella Rossi vs. Serena Blair”

  1. arikh Says:

    huepow, there are other intersting matches of US top girls battling it out at Academywrestling. but the question – is this real competitive matches ? or just semi competitive ? if it’s real, we can learn much from these matches.

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Good performance from Bella. She and Sara Jay would make a terrific match-up. A real war of attirtion and big tits.

  3. Joe Says:

    Bella looks even fatter. Not attractive.

    With those QF matches, Dia and Ariel should advance easily but the other two could go either way.

  4. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I believe Academy results are 100% legit. I’ve heard as much from some of the girls who have wrestled for both sites. just look back to Dia’s match with Dragon at Academy, one year before she wiped the mat with DL in the 1/2 finals of SV IV.

    Cheyenne Jewel is the only wrestler outside the top 4, who has a legit chance to win Summer Vengeance. in fact, I’ll just go ahead and say Cheyenne Jewel is going to win Summer Vengeance this year!

  5. arikh Says:

    there is another wrestling company – femalewrestlingzone.com (they have also sexyfightingzone.com, which isn’t competitive. but this one seems do competitive, somewhat in the Academy), in which also our elite wrestlers participate. I just watched a match between Ariel X and Cheyenne. it’s a submission wrestling, and though it was a hard fight, Ariel won 5-0 (I had to count it myself)…

    Cheyenne is a top wrestler, no doubt. from the little I got to watch her, she’s still far from Dia & Ariel’s level.
    Dragon and Darling are another level, and she does have the potential to beat them somewhen.

    can you list some impressive matches of her from other sites, which made you such a believer ?

    BTW, if I remember correctly, you’re Ariel’s fan! so whay’s up with that ? πŸ™‚
    black horses in SV would be great, though not at the acount of my Ariel :)…

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      haha, yeah, I’m an AX fanboy thru and thru. we are having our convention at the W Hotel in San Fran July 1 πŸ™‚ perhaps, I should’ve amended my previous post to say that Cheyenne Jewel has the best chance of anyone outside the big 4 to win it all this year.

  6. SHAWN Says:

    @celticfrostedflakes, Darling and Dragonlily, who do u think is better? i think Darling is better judging from current form. or what do u think?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      it’s hard to believe that they’ve only wrestled once on Ultimate Surrender (way back in season 3) it wasn’t that long ago, I woulda said Dragon was the best on the circuit. I would hafta agree with you, Darling is the better wrestler. seeing as how they will be seeded 3 & 4 in Summer Vengeance, it’s highly doubtful they would meet. Darling vs. Ariel X in the 1/2 finals would be competitive, but AX would still win. Dia vs. Dragon would be another one-sided affair, much like their match in last year’s tournament. I wish Matt would add a 3rd-place match.

  7. shawn Says:

    @celticfrostedflakes, dragonlily is the reason i watch ultimate surrender. judging from her current form, she is not the wrestler she use to be. way back in season 2 and 3, she was the best on the circuit, but now her level of tolerance is gone. i watched the final of the tag champion were she was even dominated by hollie stevens.sin made her cum, she was lucky to run away with the victory. i know if she faces, bella rossi, wenona, and hollie stevens, she definitely lose to this wrestlers. there is gonna be so many upset in the fort coming summer vengeance or dont u think so?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      the match that first got me interested in Ultimate Surrender, was Dragon Lily vs. Mika Tan. Dragon was at her peak from around 2005-2007, highlighted by her win over Isis Love and Gwen Diamond, in a handicap match, at the end of 2007. as of right now, I would rank her 5th, behind Dia, AX, Darling, and Cheyenne Jewel. there are still a lot of wrestlers she would beat, but her match against Dia exposed her biggest flaw (fingers in the pussy) with the right draw, she has the potential to make it to the championship match. it’s still Dia’s tournament to lose.

  8. arikh Says:

    6. Cheyenne Jewel
    7. Wenona
    8. Rain Degrey / Sara Jay
    9. Sara Jay / Rain Degrey
    10. TLF
    11. Samantha Sin
    12. Jessie Cox
    13. Serena Blair
    14. Allie Haize
    15. Mahina Zaltana
    16. Gia Dimarco

    after Rain anounced in the forums she’s going to wrestle TLF, we thought that means she is ranked #9 (and Sara is #8), and this is the #9 vs #10 match…

    things have changed apperantley, and TLF was supose to wrestle earlier today Sara Jay! that means Sara and Rain switched spots and Rain is the one getting the 1st round bye pass…

    it doesn’t end here! apperantley, Sara Jay have missed yesterday her flight to oakland! so they had to find someone else to wrestle TLF, they took Serena Blair!

    it pretty much messed up the matchups:
    9. Sara Jay
    11. Samantha Sin
    12. Jessie Cox
    14. Allie Haize

    now it’s interesting, the two reasonable matchups here are #9 vs #11 and #12 vs #14, double rematch in SV.
    I hope they match up Samantha with Allie and Sara with Jessie.

    TLF (and Sara) got away from their suposed battle, and each will get a more comfortable opponent, rankingly speaking.


    TLF vs Serena Blair : 344 – 203

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      I am digging your potential match-ups!
      Sara Jay vs. Jessie Cox – Sara looking to knock off another mid-carder; Jessie has enough experience, where she should be able to beat a larger opponent.
      Samantha Sin vs. Allie Haze – I have become a huge mark for Allie Haze, and the “heel” persona she has developed. plus, I love watching Sam Sin pout in round 4, when she’s getting fucked. Allie can pull the upset!
      they are taping the other two first round matches on the 10th. here’s hoping they go with your pairings!

  9. arikh Says:

    huepow! get this:

    “Rookie Chloe Camella (0-3) has learned and grown. She is the top 16 of all Ultimate Surrender now and will make the Summer Vengeance Tournament!”

    so forget the previous pairings. assuming Sara is still on the tournoment and will get another opponent, at least one of Samantha Sin, Jessie Cox or Allie Haize won’t be on the tournoment.

    the real surprise here is the fact Chloe isn’t even ranked 17th (she’s now 18th, Sloane Soleil is 17th). not only that, she lost to Kiki Koi, so Kiki should be ranked ahead of her too – and get a ticket to SV also.

    my current guess is two of Samantha, Jessie and Allie won’t be eventually in the tournoment…

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      sorry it took so long for your comment to post. it had originally been filtered into my spam folder.

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