Like A Rug On Valium

about a month ago, I had an interaction with a customer, who needed help converting his HD video, into a format that was playable on a DVD player. I suggested he check out a few free warez online, but he insisted on having me do it in the store. I was freakin’ out ever so slightly, b/c I don’t really use anything more than virtualdub for my editing purposes, and I’ve never down-converted a file.

he ended up buying some Sony Vegas Movie Studio software. I installed it, ran it, and successfully converted his video. FYI: it takes approx. 4x longer than what u recorded, to down-convert. it was cool, b/c I learned something new and useful for any other customers, who might have video editing questions in the future.

fast forward to today and a customer needed help with some cds. long story short, my co-worker spent two hours setting up an email account for her, an itunes account for her, then she used itunes cards to buy and d/l music, and then she burned them to cds for her. is it just b/c it’s so fuckin’ slow, and there’s nothing else to do? I never accept money from a customer, even if they offer it to me, in exchange for helping them set-up their camera. but seriously, I woulda charged $50 for what my co-worker did, for free. either they’re just too lazy to do it themselves, or have no idea how to operate a computer. oh wait, I think I may have stumbled upon Apple’s core userbase, BUH HUH!!!

in other news, another co-worker had one of those troll doll thingys that you put on the end of the pencil, but it had no hole. she asked me where I would put the hole for it. I told her I would put it in the butt. she busted out laughing, as did a customer who overheard our conversation…THANK YOU, I’LL BE HERE ALL WEEK!



One Response to “Like A Rug On Valium”

  1. Clint Says:

    Or get FFMPG. It’s open source and so far is the only thing i’ve used ever that just seems to be able to convert anything. BUuuuut, it’s command-line and you gotta figure it out yourself once before you automate it. But now I have a command “Extract-wav” that extracts the audio out of *ANY ANY ANYTHING* into a wav – great for stealing music off of youtube or a theme song from an encode etc etc. Amazing how hard it is to find out about it though, because open source doesn’t have a marketing department :/

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