Ultimate Surrender – S8E33 – (5) Rain DeGrey vs. Aiden Ashley

Rain DeGrey returns after taking time off for elective surgery, and immediately jumps back into the fray of an extremely competetive upper mid-card. while she may only have one match under her belt this season, last year’s rookie of the year, shakes off the ringrust, as she looks to secure a first-round bye in Summer Vengeance.

Aiden Ashley won her debut match against Tori Lux. but sadly, it was revealed that she will be unavailable for Summer Vengeance, due to surgery. we wish her all the best, and hope she returns next season. despite her leave, she remains in the hunt for this season’s featherweight title.

pretty good back-and-forth match, as it took Rain a bit to get back into the swing of things. eventually, she overpowered Aiden with some crushing leg-scissors, en route to a 293-125 win.

let the speculation commence! there are probably only three matches left this season:
Kiki Koi vs. Chloe Camilla
Cheyenne Jewel vs. Wenona
Gia DiMarco vs. Rosemary Radeva

Rain DeGrey said her next match is against TLF. judging by Matt’s rankings, that COULD mean that TLF beat Sara Jay in a first-round Summer Vengeance match. will Kiki’s upcoming win over Chloe be enough to get her into the tourney? seeing as how Serena Blair is currently ranked 13th. I say Kiki’s win over a gal who’s already had three matches prior, and wrestles on the tag circuit, is enough to earn her a spot. who do u bump tho? I’ll just assume Gia DiMarco beat Rosemary Radeva, to secure a spot in SV. Gia will most likely be ranked 16th, with Rain’s return.


11 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E33 – (5) Rain DeGrey vs. Aiden Ashley”

  1. arikh Says:

    I don’t think they already shooting the 2nd round of SV, but instead it’s the 1st round.

    I think the final rankings will be like this:

    6. Cheyenne Jewel (1-0)
    7. Wenona (1-0)
    8. Sara Jay (1-0)
    9. Rain Degrey (2-0)
    10. Tara Lynn Fox (1-0)
    11. Samantha Sin (1-2)
    12. Jessie Cox (2-0)
    13. Allie Haze (2-1)
    14. Serena Blair (0-1)
    15 Mahina Zaltana (0-2)
    16. Gia DiMarco (1-0)

    Mahina have tweeted a while ago she’s gonna have a match on may 3rd, now we can guess it’s a SV 1st round match, probably against Gia Dimarco.

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    SV is shaping up to be interesting. I don’t agree with Sara Jay getting a bye into round 2 on the basis of one victory, she should be matched with a fit cutie like TLF or Mahina in round one to hone her wrestling skills before one of the elite gives her a well earned fucking.
    Rain suits the bigger juggs and I like the way she roughly pokes her losers. Hopefully TLF will take in the ass.

  3. Joe Says:

    I’m guessing Rain’s “elective surgery” was a boob job? Aiden’s “surgery” will be one as well?

    Agree with Ringmaster, Sara Jay needs to start in Round 1, she doesn’t deserve a spot in round 2 automatically. TLF took it in the ass against Darling and DragonLily, though strangely not against Isis. Here’s hoping she does in SV…

    Rain said on Twitter that she wrestled Ariel, not TLF…

  4. arikh Says:

    Joe, Rain have said she’s gonna wrestle TLF in about a week or so. she have wrestled with Ariel, but not for ultimate surrender, but to Academy.

    about Sara Jay getting the bye pass, having Cheyenne and Wenona on 6th and 7th places, it was either Sara or Rain getting the 8th place and the bye pass, while sending the other to fight TLF in the first round.

  5. arikh Says:

    it’s been confirmed:
    Mahina Zaltana vs Gia Dimarco

    so we got the 9th vs 10th and 15th vs 16th shooting this week.
    that leaves the 11th vs 12th and the 13th vs 14th pretty clear.

  6. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    as Matt put it, “Aiden’s surgery is not cosmetic” tho he didn’t give any further details, other than to say she is out.

    three of those 1st round matches could go either way:
    Mahina should beat Gia, but there’s something telling me I shouldn’t be surprised if Gia wins.
    Allie Haze vs. Serena Blair could be the closest match, and I think Serena will pull off the upset.
    Samantha Sin vs. Jessie Cox should be another good match. with as much experience as Sam has, she should win this one. Jessie has gotten better, thx to working with Dia in last season’s tag league.
    Rain DeGrey should use her 9th seed as motivation to whoop TLF’s ass, right before she plows thru it, in round 4. then, she’d have a chance to take out Sara Jay in the 2nd round.

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    What a pity Angelica Saige is no longer involved in US. She was an athletic porn slut who showed genuine promise on the mat, winning her second match, admittedly against weak opposition. If a few more wrestlers like her and Holly Heart had remained in the game, SV would be of a high standard from the first match onwards. I don’t think this season’s newbs are of their quality. Cheyenne is an already established wrestler and Sara Jay, despite her resilience in big cock gangbang situations, is unlikely to remain interested once she wakes up all stiff after being twisted like a prestzel for three rounds and then slapped and fucked. Let’s see how she likes it when Rain gets into her.

  8. arikh Says:

    I loved Angelica Saige, very beautiful and sexy, great big and athletic body…

    I realy don’t understand why she’s gone.

    another name is Trina Michaels, sorry she wasn’t with us this season, though I wish and think there is a chance she’ll be back for next season. apperantley, they’ve tried to schedule her with matches, but it didn’t happend, sadly.


    Gia Dimarco vs Rosemary Radeva : 396 – 57

    another clear victory for Gia over the 2nd last in the ranks, after destroying the last in the ranks (Emma Haize).

    last season and SV she lost her two matches against inner 16 low ranked. this season she got to school the last two on the ranks…
    tommorow she’ll be facing again inner 16 girl – Mahina, it’ll be vert intersting to see how Gia will handle her first real test this season.

    Mahina is stronger, but Gia’s victories give her the advantage of knowing to score more points while in control.

    I’ll wait to watch Gia’s match againt Rosemary in order to guess more wisely…

  9. spanian Says:

    right after Tara defeated Serena, there was the match between Mahina and Gia. the match was stopped due to injury of Gia. there will be a rematch…

  10. Ringmaster Says:

    Mahina will pulverise Gia, whose is winning mainly because the latest crop of newbs are not up to much. She lost to Trina last season remember! I look forward to see Mahina’s tight butt cheeks bouncing up and down while she rubs her pussy on Gia’s face.

    • arikh Says:

      moreover, last season, Trina wasn’t suposed to be in SV, but instead Ashley Jane. tha fairy was ranked 15th and Gia 16th, and they had a match in which Ashley got injured. surprisingly, Ashley was in lead over Gia till the injury!!
      I repeat, Ashley Jane was in lead and could have won her first match over Gia, sadly, she got injured.

      the rest is known, Trina replaced Ashley and defeated Gia.

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