Memories Of Sonar

resident metal expert, Metal Chris, is reporting that Sonar has closed it’s doors. it has something to do with new ownership refusing to renew the liquor license. here are a few of the more memorable shows I saw at the venue.

Celtic Frost/Type O Negative (May 2007) FOUR YEARS AGO TODAY!
one band imploded due to internal conflict, the other dissolved following the death of their lead singer (RIP Peter Steele) Celtic Frost in the opening slot, and made the most of the 45 minutes, they were given. four songs off Morbid Tales, one each off To Mega Therion and Monotheist.

Procreation (of the Wicked) -> The Usurper -> Dethroned Emperor -> Morbid Tales -> Into the Crypts of Rays -> Synagoga Satanae

Type O Negative in the headlining slot, promoting their sixth and final studio album, Dead Again. I remember Peter on-stage with a bottle of wine on top of his amp, that he would drink from, in between songs. Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir 4 LIFE!

Magical Mystery Tour -> We Hate Everyone -> The Profit of Doom -> Anesthesia -> These Three Things -> Kill You Tonight -> Hey Pete -> Kill You Tonight (reprise) -> Love You To Death -> Christian Woman -> War Pigs/Smoke On The Water/Aqua Lung/Der Untermensch (intros only) -> Black No. 1

Atari Teenage Riot (September 2010)
I posted the full review of this show on September 26, 2010. too lazy to put a link to an article on my own blog, SLACK! this show currently ranks 4th on my list of best ever. met the band, got a pic with Nic Endo, good times!

Activate -> Into The Death -> No Remorse (I Wanna Die) -> Atari Teenage Riot -> Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture -> Sick To Death -> Deutschland (Has Gotta Die) -> Fuck All -> No Success -> Midijunkies -> Get Up While You Can -> Too Dead For Me -> U.S. Fade Out -> Speed -> Not Your Business -> Ghostchase -> Revolution Action

Carnival Machine Armada (March 2010)
to celebrate the release of their eponymous debut album, CMA held a listening party for fans. one of Wrath von MagicMist’s amps blew out, during “Chinese Doomocracy.” Persie Handfisher blamed some asshole, who spilled beer on the soundboard, for ruining the show. HAHAHA, what a crybaby!

Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Female Ejaculation -> My Sex Tape Nightmare -> Bongwater Buffet -> Atomic Bondage Chapel -> Deadbabyskullfukk -> Xanax For Breakfast -> Hockey Nite In Canaduh -> Chinese Doomocracy


One Response to “Memories Of Sonar”

  1. Clint Says:

    Does this mean more fucking Ram’s Head shows? Goddamnit.

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