Ultimate Surrender – S8E34 – (6) Cheyenne Jewel vs. (7) Wenona

Cheyenne Jewel is making a strong case for rookie of the year. she may only have one match at the Armory under her belt, but she is far from your average noob, when it comes to competitive wrestling. she has fast become an IGRO fan favourite. not just a darkhorse pick, she is a legitimate contender to win Summer Vengeance. after disposing of Cece Stone, in week 26, she sets her sights on one of Ultimate Surrender’s elite veterans, with a chance to move up the rankings.

Wenona is the second-longest tenured wrestler on the active roster. she is riding a five-match regular season winning streak. her nickname as the Gymnast, is a credit to her impressive flexibility, and her ability to tie opponents in knots. her “I’m a lover, not a fighter” formula works to her advantage, when she can wrap her legs around an opponent’s torso, and then lick, finger, and generally molest them for huge style points.

as we reported a few weeks ago, Cheyenne Jewel defeated Wenona, by a score of 448-128. Cheyenne has a better handle on US, as far as the do’s and don’ts go. she was more aggressive, than her previous match, getting the majority of her points, thanks to her exemplary fingering skills. she called upon the Goddess of Sodomy to join her, for a round 4, that Wenona would not soon forget.

Ariel X & Chloe Camilla defeated Darling & Iona Grace, in tonite’s live tag team match, 1204-1105. team AX is 2-0, while team Darling falls to 0-2. I don’t have much more information, b/c I only saw round 4. if I was to give my own commentary, as to what I think might’ve happened, I’d say AX and Darling canceled each other out. Chloe given her experience, probably had a slight edge on Iona. perhaps, team AX made better use of their tags.

Cheyenne Jewel


18 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E34 – (6) Cheyenne Jewel vs. (7) Wenona”

  1. arikh Says:

    can you post your current top 10 ranks ?

    this is mine:
    1. Dia Zerva
    2. Ariel X
    3. Darling
    4. Dragon
    5. Cheyenne Jewel
    6. Bella Rossi
    7. Wenona
    8. Rain Degrey
    9. Sara Jay
    10. TLF

    Cheyenne surprised me with how easily she defeated Wenona. that gave her the 5th place, above Bella, for now. hope she’ll face Dragon (or at least Darling) in the quarter finals.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    my top 10:
    1. Dia
    2. AX
    3. Cheyenne
    4. Darling
    5. Dragon
    6. Rain
    7. Bella
    8. Wenona
    9. Sara Jay
    10. TLF

  3. arikh Says:

    it’s been confirmed that Tara and Serana’s match wasn’t for summer vengeance, but a regular season match.
    I guess this is what’s going to be in the last few weeks till summer vengeance:
    week 35 – Gia Dimarco vs Rosemary Radeva*
    week 36 – Kiki Koi vs Chloe Camilla**
    week 37 – TLF vs Serena Blair***

    * 396 – 57
    ** Kiki wins
    *** 344-203

    having their match is a regular season should put things right in the first order…

    9. Sara Jay
    10. TLF
    11. Samantha Sin
    12. Jessie Cox
    13. Allie Haize
    14. Serena Blair
    15. Mahina Zaltana
    16. Gia Dimarco

    but the fact Chloe and Kiki are going to be in the tournoment also, means at least two girls of Sam, Jessie or Allie won’t.

    who do you prefer to stay ?
    for me, Samantha Sin first choice, Allie second.

    assuming that, this is what the ranks will look like:

    9. Sara Jay
    10. TLF
    11. Samantha Sin
    12. Serena Blair
    13. Mahina Zaltana
    14. Gia Dimarco
    15. Kiki Koi
    16. Chloe Camilla

    that way the known 2 matches – Sara vs TLF and Mahina vs Gia are kept.
    Serena vs Samantha/Allie/Jessie
    and we should get a summer vengeance rematch between Kiki and Chloe.
    like we had Amber rayne vs Madison Young 2 seasons ago. but this time there could be double upsets. Kiki have said she won, but in a close match…

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      my first choice would be Allie. it’s also the most logical one, seeing as how she is already involved in the tag circuit.

  4. shawn Says:

    @arikh and celticfrostedflakes, why are u guys rating Darling more than my own dragon?.i first felt this way before but come to think of it.Darling has nt beaten any elite wrestler before although on current form, she look better because dragon weakness has been exposed, the last time both of them met, dragon won. so let us dragon lily fans enjoys our victory till they meet again. Hope they meet soon. just cant wait

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      I can’t add too much more to what arikh has already said. Darling has a much better chance to win Summer Vengeance, than does Dragon. if they were to face each other again somewhere down the line, Darling would win. I don’t think they will wind up meeting in Summer Vengeance, b/c Dragon will get put out by Cheyenne in the 1/4 final round (if the seedings remain as they currently stand) Dragon is still one of my favourites, but she has fallen behind the other big 3.

  5. arikh Says:

    it’s simple, IMHO, in a match between these two, taking place today – Darling is the favorite to win.

    Ariel and Dia took the elite section to an almost pro MMA level, Darling is just behind them.
    Chyenne will be tested when she’ll meet one of the elites.

    Dragon suffered last season a most crushing defeat from Dia, second to Wenon’s defeat.
    can you imagine Darling take such a defeat ?? I sure can’t.
    I don’t see it happening even to Cheyenne or Bella.
    but, out of respect for you, I won’t rank them above her just yet 🙂
    but I can’t wait for such a match between Cheyenne or Bella and Dragon, the Dragon will be slayed again!

  6. shawn Says:

    @arikh, i ll agree that the big 3 ( ariel,dia and darling ) might beat the dragon but not bella. she will beat bella any day.

    • arikh Says:

      @shawn, glad you agree now about Darling…

      but I have a feeling it’s just cause I’ve added Cheyenne and Bella to the equasion. now you insist that Dragon will beat Bella. maybe you right about that, but for me, though Dragon is the favorite in such a match, Bella can make an upset.

      Bella is super gifted wrestler, she got to the high level she is now, without much training or exprience. her body is a wonder, she moves very fast with that high mass, running over her opponents. but she’s still lack some skills to face now the elite.
      couple of mounthes of training, and she should use Dragon as a mop 🙂

  7. arikh Says:

    Samantha sin (11) is going to wrestle today Jessie Cox (12)…

    I’m totally confused here.

  8. Joe Says:

    I’d be very disappointed if Sam Sin doesn’t end up assfucking Jessie Cox

  9. shawn Says:

    when is dragon lily next singles match and who is her opponent? cant wait to see her crowned the 2011 S.V champion. DRAGON fans for life

    • arikh Says:

      as you can see above, there’s no other matches left till SV.

      Dragon, as a top 4 wrestler, get to bye stand the first two rounds of SV.
      1st round: 4 matches – 16 vs 15, 14 vs 13, 12 vs 11, 10 vs 9
      2nd round: 4 matches – 8 vs 16/15, 7 vs 14/13, 6 vs 12/11, 5 vs 10/9
      (for the convinience, we’ll assume 5-8 would win and go the next round)
      quarter finals: 4 vs 8, 3 vs 7, 2 vs 6, 1 vs 5.
      semi finals: 4 vs 2, 3 vs 1.

      1. Dia Zerva (3-0)
      2. Ariel X (3-0)
      3. Dragon (3-0)
      4. Darling (3-0)
      5. Bella Rossi (2-0)
      6. Cheyenne Jewel (2-0)
      7. Wenona (1-1)
      8. Sara Jay (1-0)

      so on paper, it should be Dragon vs Wenona and Ariel X vs Cheyenne Jewel.
      but it’s not written in stone, last SV according the ranks Dragon should have wrestled Darling (1 vs 5) and Ariel should have wrestled Isis (2 vs 6), but eventually it was the other way around.
      too bad, as Dragon could have gotten her ass kicked.

      I’m saying this cause I have a feeling Dragon will face Cheyenne instead of Wenona (and Ariel will get Wenona). main reason is Ariel’s comment in the post match section, regarding Cheyenne’s abillity to defeat Dragon.
      why have she mentioned Dragon as a future opponent for Cheyenne ? why not Darling perhaps ?
      to that I should add, Ariel have tweeted she got to see already the SV bracket…
      so my guess she saw Cheyenne would meet Dragon in the quarter finals…

      • celticfrostedflakes Says:

        Ariel’s comments make sense, if Matt has gone with the traditional seedings.
        1 vs. 8
        4 vs. 5
        2 vs. 7
        3 vs. 6
        this was the format two years ago

        so heading into this year, we could potentially have:
        Dia vs. Sara Jay winner vs. Darling vs. Bella winner
        AX vs. Wenona winner vs. Dragon vs. Cheyenne winner

        Matt is posting the bracket on the first week of June…

  10. shawn Says:

    @arikh, Dragon is gonna kick the ass of Cheyenne or Darling like she did to isis love last season. she humbled isis and make her look like a rockie. My wish is that she meet Darling and silence u guys. A lady that single-handedly beat isis love and one other wrestler in an handicap match(2 on 1). what has never happen in the history of catfight. Her speed can be compared to speed of lightening, Her strength is like that of Andre the Gaint. I love u Dragonlily. NO1 DRAGON FAN FOR LIFE

  11. arikh Says:

    you can’t compare Isis to Cheyenne and sure not to Darling.

    Isis wasn’t elite by no means, especially not last season. she was an overrated wrestler. she wasn’t better than Wenona, but people was mistaken to think she was.
    Holly Heart could have won her, if Isis wouldn’t have injured.

    Isis and Dragon were both overrated last season, and both got humbled, one after the other. Dragon was ranked 1st!! one place above Ariel, who were the champion! I think it’s unheard of.

    I don’t know Chyenne well eanough (she’s huepow’s girl), but I’ll bet Darling will beat the hell out of Dragon anyday.

  12. Ringmaster Says:

    SV is a foregone conclusion in the snese that there can only be one final. Although Dia v Ariel will still be an interesting match despite the weight disparity, how much more interesting it would be if those two were removed from SV to take part in a super elite challenge in which Kink brought in elite wrestlers of similar weight such as Xana or Viktoria from Europe for one-off challenge matches.
    It might not take too mch cash to persuade these ladies to fight according to US rules and the end result would be a must watch for every nekkid wrestling fan.
    SV would then become a truly open contest in which Darling, Cheyenne, Dragon and Bella would all have a chance of winning, although I would back Cheyenne against any of these.
    The overall point I’m making is that US has now moved on to the extent that it makes no sense to have contests featuring elite wrestlers of very different weights fighting each other, nor does it make sense to include athletic but unskilled porn sluts on the same bracket as those elite wrestlers.

  13. arikh Says:

    Xana is an elite wrestler, Viktoria M not so much, but she is very sexy.
    both are very wellcomed, as I like very much these guest apearances of any kind.

    but I disagree with the suggestion to remove Dia & Ariel from SV.
    in every sports league you can give that point of : “let’s remove the real top, it would make things more competitive…”. it’s not fair at all. but why stop at Dia and Ariel only ? Dragon, Darling and Cheyenne are also elite, why not remove them too ? there’s no end to that. every grade level you cut off, there’s no reason why not cutting the one beneath it.

    Ringmaster said:”it makes no sense to have contests featuring elite wrestlers of very different weights fighting each other, nor does it make sense to include athletic but unskilled porn sluts on the same bracket as those elite wrestlers.”

    removing Dia and Ariel won’t solve any of that…
    so what do you suggest ?

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