Allen Part One

Aqua Teen Hunger Force returned for an 8th season this past Sunday nite. even tho they changed the name of the show to Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, in true ATHF fashion, nothing has changed about the show. they do have a new theme song (performed by Josh Homme) and a slick new animation style, during the intro.

a cold open with Dr. Weird, at his favourite restaurant, where he finds a bandage in his pudding. the episode begins with the Aqua Unit, in their “Danger Cart”, staking out an abandoned house. Shake confronts the guy who is tearing down the house, and ends up in the hospital. he says there aren’t enough criminals to go around, so he decides to cryogenically freeze himself for 9 years. what he wakes up to is a post-apocalyptic nightmare, where everyone is forced to be nice to each other. but, where are Frylock and Meatwad? this is a two-part episode…



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