Ultimate Surrender – S8E35 – Gia DiMarco vs. Rosemary Radeva

Gia DiMarco and Rosemary Radeva battle it out to see who will wear the crown as the queen of the featherweights. this is the second match for both ladies this season. both of them wrestled a common opponent, in Emma Haize. Gia beat Emma by 658 points. Rosemary beat Emma by 28. based solely on the disparity in margin of victory, it should come as no surprise that Gia won 396-57.

it appears as tho Rosemary’s season is over. as we reported a few weeks ago, Gia wrestled Mahina Zaltana, but the match was stopped, due to injury. no word on how far along the match had progressed, or who was ahead. all we do know, is that they have rescheduled it.

the other first round matches include: Samantha Sin vs. Jessie Cox (already shot), Rain DeGrey vs. Tara Lynn Foxx, and Kiki Koi vs. Chloe Camilla (?) I’m not 100% sure about that one, altho it could also be the last regular season match (scheduled to go up in two weeks time) does this mean that Serena Blair and Allie Haze are out of Summer Vengeance?

there’s been talk that Dia vs. AX in the Summer Vengeance championship match is a lock. I completely agree with this, as Cheyenne Jewel is the only one who has a legit shot to derail this. there’s also been talk of ways to improve Summer Vengeance. my formula is simple:

have two groups of four (based on my own personal rankings):
Group 1: Dia, Darling, Dragon, Rain
Group 2: AX, Cheyenne, Bella, Wenona

this would be a round-robin format, where every member of the group wrestles each other in singles competition.
the top two advance to the 1/2 finals with 1A vs. 2B and 1B vs. 2A
winners advance to the championship round, while the losers compete in a 3rd-place match
it would take just as long as the current Summer Vengeance format, and ensure we would get the highest quality matches every week. tell me what you guys think, and let me know how you would book Summer Vengeance

Gia DiMarco


36 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E35 – Gia DiMarco vs. Rosemary Radeva”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    That’s quite an elegant solution to the main problem of SV, which is that the bottom eight are obviously doomed to be knocked out as soon as they come up against anyone good. So far US has not been able to sustain more than eight elite or near-elite quality wrestlers.
    The two groups and round robin format could also be shot over a longer period, avoiding the injury risk of too many arduous matches in a short time frame.
    It does not, however, solve the problem that Dia and Ariel are so far out in front of the others. Their matches with Dragon, who turns into a fuckdoll as soon as you get fingers into her pussy, would now be as one sided as any.
    How about using the formatyou suggest but with two imported elite wrestlers fighting Dia and Ariel?
    It would be interesting to see if submission wrestlers from other sites could adapt to the sex wrestling as well as Cheyenne. It may be necessary to point out to them that they can ask not to be fucked in the butt or have their faces squirted on in Rd 4 if they’d rather not.

  2. shawn Says:


    • arikh Says:

      @Shawn, you’re very stubborn with your beilive in Dragon. I can’t even dream of her beating Dia after the last time. it’s just impossible!

      I love upsets very much, so it would be a real turn on seeing Dragon gets beat by Cheyenne, Bella or Darling (rankingwise upset only…). not to mention if she’ll get beat by Wenona, but that’s too unrealistic…

      but as an upsets lover, if she somehow get to wrestle Dia – I wish she’ll win.

  3. arikh Says:

    TLF got injured in her match against Serena, there is a doubt if she’ll be able to take part in SV against Rain Degrey…

    her possible dropout (alongside with Allie Haize) could explain the entering of Kiki Koi and Chloe Camilla.

    having Samantha (11) vs Jessie (12) already been shot, and Gia (16) vs Mahina (15) been rescheduled to the 25th of this mounth, leaves Rain, Serena, Kiki and Chloe to have the other two first round matches.

    Rain vs Serena (Rain is the clear favorite)
    Kiki vs Chloe (could be a competitive rematch. Chloe with her recent tag team experience could turn it around in the rematch)

    Rain vs Kiki (Rain even clearer favorite)
    Serena vs Chloe (Serena the favorite)

    Rain vs Chloe (Rain super favorite)
    Serena vs Kiki (competitive)

    I can’t make up my mind which way I prefer…

  4. Joe Says:

    I think Gia might be my new favourite wrestler after Holly Heart’s sudden departure. What a body!

    I agree with arikh, Dragon is going to get her ass kicked in SV!

    • arikh Says:

      me too. Gia is my favorite wrestler, after Trina has gone for the season (hope she’ll return…). Gia has one of the hottest bodies I’ve ever seen! skinny toned, lean nice feminine mucsles, tanned. great abs and hypnotizing tits. she’s my regular season favorite. too bad she got just 2 matches this season…

      my elite SV favorite wrestler is Ariel X.

      • Joe Says:

        Yeah, I liked Trina too. She wasn’t the best, but she always tried her hardest! I’d love to see a Gia-Trina rematch when Gia’s got a couple more matches under her belt, or even right now, she’d be the favourite to strap on.

        lol, hypnotizing tits. Never heard that expression before!

  5. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    is there any word on why Allie dropped out? she was building some momentum with Dia on the tag circuit.
    Dragon will probably be getting her ass kicked and fucked by Cheyenne in the 1/4 finals
    in a perfect world, I would replace Wenona and Rain with Abby Aldrich and Isamar Gutierrez. just imagine how competitive every match in the group stage would be?!? maybe next season…

    • arikh Says:

      maybe she’ll be to busy during that time. she did tweeted alot lately about trip she’s having these days in cannes 2011 for her movie “Emmanuelle”…

    • GrmBHM Says:

      Isamar at US … oh man, if only it could be true. She’s very hot and has a perfect body. I like when she takes on Daisy DelaRosa.

      • arikh Says:

        Daisy Delarosa is the hottest girl of the Academy. she got some talent but tend to lose often.

        I don’t think there’s a shortage of top wrestlers at US, so I’d rather take Daisy, to dense up the mid level section.

        I’d put her up against Samanth Sin.

      • GrmBHM Says:

        Yes she’s hot but I prefer Chantel Lace !!

        Physically I personnally prefer the women at the Academy than at US. US favorite are “Lola”, Isis (before her breast surgery) and Bobbi.

        Best wrestler at US … Syd I think.

  6. shawn Says:


    • Joe Says:

      I don’t think Dragon’s as far down the rankings as some people put her… 6th, 7th even 8th?!?! I rank her 4th because I think Darling could beat her and until she wrestles Cheyenne and Bella (my 5th and 6th) we just won’t know…

      • arikh Says:

        who said that ?

        I rank Dragon 4th…
        Cheyenne and Bella are just behind her, for now.
        I think they have a chance beating her, but she’s still the favorite and ther’re the one’s who needs to prove otherwise.

  7. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I have Dragon ranked 5th. her new partner, Kiki Koi, match against Chloe Camilla, comes out this Friday. with Kiki’s addition, this makes Team Dragon a contender for the tag titles. I have Kiki rated ahead of any of the other rookies ion the tag circuit

    1) Kiki 2) Allie 3) Chloe 4) Iona 5) Gia

    • arikh Says:

      we haven’t yet seeing Kiki wrestle, so the only thing we know is she won Chloe in her debut, which was a close match.

      Chloe’s last match wasn’t against Dragon (11739) but against Allie (12098), which ended by 128-27, low score but not close match.
      so until proven otherwise, I would rank Allie ahead of Kiki.
      but then again, Kiki winning her debut against Chloe prove she has natural talent.

      in general I would say between these 5 sidekicks, there are 2 sections.
      Allie and Kiki and the other three – Gia, Chloe and Iona.
      it’s even harder to rank between the lower three, but as in the US rankings, Gia gets the benefit of the doubt here with her wins, and should be ranked higher than Chloe and Iona.

  8. arikh Says:

    there is still doubts about the 1st round wrestlers and matchups.

    I’ve been told Tara is better now, and she should let US know she’s ready to wreslte again!

    that’s good news, as we get this way two competitive matchups with Rain Degrey vs TLF and Kiki Koi vs Serena Blair.

    another issue:
    Emma Haize will wrestle next week Iona Grace.
    they keep on getting Emma wrestle only the very low ranked girls.
    does Emma has a chance winning this time ?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      well, now I am totally confused! 🙂 so, is Emma vs. Iona a Summer Vengeance match? Iona should win that one.
      my picks for the other two matches u listed:
      Rain over TLF
      Kiki over Serena

      • arikh Says:

        I don’t believe it! but Iona tweeted her match against Emma Haize is a summer vengeance match.
        this match is the 3rd SV confirmed matchup and will be tommorow.

        today we have the 2nd SV matchup between Mahina and Serena.

        the 1st was Jessie vs Samantha.

        I don’t know what’s what anymore…

        that leaves only one more matchups left. only two out of Gia, Kiki, Rain and TLF.

      • celticfrostedflakes Says:

        Iona Grace should have no problem with Emma Haize. unless TLF is injured, it should be her and Rain, in the other match. I hope Matt gives some info, on all the shake-ups, in spots 9-16.

      • arikh Says:

        it’s ashame not having one or two girls out of TLF, Rain or Gia in SV.

        Mahina wrestled Serena yesterday, no spoilers yet…

        Emma vs Iona – today.
        everybody knows Iona is the clear favorite, but I’m praying for Emma to win, or at least make it a two sided match.
        it would be a dream, like watching Harmony, Kat or Kitty win.

  9. arikh Says:

    Iona didn’t specify it, but I can’t believe it’s for SV.

    TLF possible return will probably kick out Chloe. to get both Emma and Iona on SV will need too many girls that can’t participate in SV – TLF, Kiki, Chloe and Rosemary Radeva (+Allie Haize and Sloane Soleil), that is in order the girl who’s ranked currently 21th find herself somehow in SV.

    so my reasonable guess it’s for a regular season match, most likely next season or maybe they’ll squeeze another match befor SV starts, making this season a 38 matches.

    if TLF do return, that’s is the only way to pair them, as Rain and Tara ranked 9th and 10th respectevly, leaving Kiki and Serena to battle it out.

    the pairing dilema comes up only if the current 10th seed – TLF won’t be able to participate, cause the “new” 10th seed – Samantha Sin, already had her match with the “new” 11th seed – Jessie.

    I want Emma to win, but I know Iona would kick her butt.
    what can be done for Emma to win a match already ? they’re trying to put her only against little inexperienced low ranked girls. she almost won against Rosemary who was making her debut.
    they need to bring for Emma more new super petite girls like Rosemary (April O’neal, Angel Cummings, Sensi Pearl…), or bring back Harmony, Kat or Yellow Kitty…
    would Emma win against them ?

  10. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    adding to the confusion over the seedings, the regular season ends next week. I’m not sure if there’s anyone on the roster, that Emma can beat. I’d love to see April O’Neal on Ultimate Surrender.

  11. arikh Says:

    I think the confusion ended tonight.

    the confusion started cause of the last broadcast of live tag team, which in the pre match post we got the anounsment of Chloe been on SV.

    tonight’s update says only Kiki will be in SV, meaning Chloe won’t be, and TLF will wrestle Rain, as planned.

    so only Allie will be replaced, by Kiki.

    Rain will beat the hell out of TLF, by a bigger marging than she had against Aiden Ashley.

    Kiki is strong, but her two rounds against Chloe won’t be enough against Serena.
    she barely won Chloe, Serena is much better.
    Kiki scored 90 pts in two rounds against Chloe, that’s 45 pts per round.
    Serena just scored 200 pts in three rounds against TLF! that’s 66 pts per round against much better opponent.

  12. Ringmaster Says:

    Dia Zerva has been getting ready for SV by honing her skills against one of Britain’s top professional ladies. It was a bikini match in the ring but there was some pussy grabbing – see the link below. Maybe Pippa could be tempted onto the Ultimate Surrender mat? Now that would be something. I’ve wrestled her submission style more than once and she’s never even been known to fight topless, so the chances are remote but she’s the kind of wrestler US needs if it is to widen its appeal beyond fans of porn sluts.

  13. arikh Says:

    what’s up with this week’s match review ?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      what do u mean?

      • arikh Says:

        usualy you publish your reviews right on the day the update is posted in US. Kiki Koi vs Chloe Camilla…

        anyway, I have a spoiler about Samantha Sin and Jessie Cox’s 1st round match…

        ALERT – SV Spoiler :

        the winner was… a blonde… a former gymnast… with natural boobs…
        it’s an upset for me. the match was won by 100-200 pts margin!

      • celticfrostedflakes Says:

        I try to post my reviews, either on Friday or Saturday, depending on my work schedule. from the way you describe the Jessie Cox-Sam Sin match, it sounds like Jessie won. if that’s the case, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a surprise. I recall Sam tweeted shortly before the match, that losing isn’t all that bad. while I certainly respect her viewpoint, I don’t think it’s a good idea to state it publicly.

  14. arikh Says:


    I know some of you don’t consider it an upset, but for me it is.

    Sam is ranked higher, Jessie barely won Allie Haize by 69 pts only, so I thought she has little chances against Sam. even more surprise was to hear she defeated Sam with even great margin than she defeated Allie! I probably need to re-value these three girls.

    oh, another thing I forgot to mention…

    Jessie will face Cheyenne in the next round.
    aperantly, Jessie got to fuck Cheyenne in public discrace with a strapon. Cheyenne claimed Jessie fucked her hard with the strapon and promised Jessie she will pay her back in ultimate surrender…

  15. arikh Says:

    I just realized something.

    I took the Mahina vs Gia match as if it already been shot…

    I thought Kiki would be ranked higher than Mahina, in order to put her against Serena, I was wrong, and she’s probably will be ranked 16th by the end of the season, while Gia will be 15th. Mahina will be promoted to 14th while Serena to 13th. so… rankingwise, we should get Serena vs Mahina and Gia vs Kiki.
    I think this is also the best pairing out of these four wrestlers, as the two matches should be way more competitive.

  16. arikh Says:

    as I just suspected, it’s been cofirmed Mahina will wrestle Serena, which leave Gia to fight Kiki…

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      agreed, these are more competitive match-ups. I’ll take Serena and Kiki to advance.

  17. arikh Says:

    I’m not sure yet who’s the favorite between Gia and Kiki. if I’m not mistaken, tag team match – the godesses vs the ninjas (with Gia), is suposed to come up today. I’d like to see how Gia handled Allie in that match.
    but as now, I think Kiki doesn’t have yet the required skills to top Gia. it may have been barely enough against weaker opponent who were also slightly injured – Chloe, but I’m going with Gia.

    I disagree with you also in the other matchup, my friend. Mahina is very strong, and she’s got the wrestling bug in the last monthes. she’s been training wrestling seriously these past few monthes.
    the private message I sent you is a prove for her very good progress, which will be shown as soon as she gets her next match.
    Serena will fight hard, but I believe Mahina is stronger and way more trained than her.

    Gia and Mahina to the next round.

  18. Ringmaster Says:

    Jessie must have got carried away with orgy frenzy when she was strapon fucking Cheyenne. It’s easily done. No doubt revenge will be sweet when the cock is on the other crotch.
    I agree that Mahina will beat Serena. Mahina has genuine potential and decided to get serious about this sport from after her first match.

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