Here’s Some Reviews Of Shows I Done Watched

Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 – Allen Part Two
in the thrilling conclusion, to the two-part season premiere, Master Shake finds out the answers to some of life’s more pertinent questions: what’s the deal with all the lightning strikes? why is everyone on the honour system? who is Allen? why aren’t Meatwad and Frylock returning any of Shake’s calls? 8/10


South Park – Royal Pudding
it’s the Canadien royal wedding, but the Princess is kidnapped. it’s up to Ike, Ugly Bob, Scott, the giant dick (who caught radiation poisoning in Ottawa), and a Native Canadien eskimo, to save the day; Kyle fills in for Ike, as the evil Tooth Decay, in the kindergarten school play. 9/10

South Park

Adventure Time – Heat Signature
Finn and Jake go to Marcelline, the Vampire Queen’s house, for movie nite. rather than sit on an uncomfortable couch, they ask her if she can turn them into vampires, so that they can float like everyone else. will her practical joke go too far, thus preventing everyone’s minds from being blown by “Heat Signature” 8/10

Adventure Time


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