Can’t Come Into Work Today, I’m Playing LA Noire

it’s a Rockstar game, do u even need another reason to play it?!? LA Noire is set in 1947 Los Angeles (which is faithfully re-created down to the last detail) u play a by-the-book cop, who’s only interested in getting results. there are around 20 cases to play thru. your job is to question suspects, and determine whether they are telling the truth. if u succeed in your line of questioning, u can get more information. but if not, it makes it that much harder to crack the cases. this game kinda reminds me of Heavy Rain, in that it’s for ppl who like video games, but might also be in the mood to watch a movie. the acting is just that damn good, and the in-game characters facial expressions, are the actual voice actors expressions, themselves. plus, it’s the first video game to be entered in the Tribeca Film Festival. the game isn’t all just interrogating witnesses, as there are plenty of car chases and shoot-outs to get involved in. since it is a Rockstar game, the universe of LA Noire is free-roaming, and there are an additional 40 side-missions u can play thru. reception to the game has been overwhelmingly positive thusfar, with an average score of 91 (PS3) IGN chimed in with their standard 8.5. I’ll try not to get too caught up in the fact that gamers are already complaining that every line of questioning ultimately leads to the same end result (unlike Heavy Rain) the ending leaves something to be desired, but I won’t complain, since I’m only renting it via gamefly. I’m just gonna sit back and try to enjoy the 15-20 hours they say it takes to finish the game.

imdb: 9/10
netflix: 4/5

LA Noire
“well, isn’t this is a fine song and dance?”


One Response to “Can’t Come Into Work Today, I’m Playing LA Noire”

  1. Clint Says:

    I had been thinking that this game was basically just Heavy Rain again. But now it appears to be more like an average of Grand Theft Auto and Heavy Rain.

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