Try, Fail, Try, Fail, I Give Up

as the world’s greatest camera salesman, there are some things, even I can’t do. a coupla weeks ago, I had a customer who had a Canon Rebel T1i that needed to be replaced. Canon has been facing a severe shortage of their products, since the earthquake/tsunami. I know that most of their cameras are made in China, but that doesn’t mean the parts and technical know-how of building these cameras, doesn’t originate from Japan. anyways, my point is that all we had in stock were Nikons. I showed him the D3000, D3100, and the D5100. ultimately, he didn’t want to switch from Canon, and who can blame him. problem was, the T1i had been discontinued. the T3i and T3 are the newest models, but those have been hard to come by, since they launched. he settled on the T2i, which is basically the T3i, except the LCD screen doesn’t fold out, no big whoop! the only store that had it, was all the way out in Winchester. we called to verify that they had the camera in stock, and then had them transfer it to our store. the camera arrived when they said it would, as I saw it sitting in the warehouse. I called the customer to let him know we received the camera. I asked customer service to hold the camera for my customer, as it was a service plan replacement order. when the customer came in to pick up, his camera was nowhere to be found. apparently, they had taken the T2i, and filled it for a dot com order, instead of removing it from the system.

sure enough, they tried again to transfer the camera from another store. it was supposed to come in on Monday. the customer called the store to see if it had arrived. it didn’t. moral of the story: I will never sell anything that I don’t physically have in-stock. I will see if another store has it, but I will never bother trying to get shit sent from another store. I felt bad for the customer that we were unable to get him the camera, he was trying to get in time for Mother’s Day. u would think that a replacement on one of their own service plans would take precedent, but I guess not. FUCK ME FOR TRYING!



One Response to “Try, Fail, Try, Fail, I Give Up”

  1. Clint Says:

    This validates my decision to never patronize them again..

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