Randy Savage, Dead At 58

I’m getting a little verklempt as I write that Randy Savage passed away today. his brother, Lanny Poffo, is saying that he died in a car accident, after suffering a heart attack, while behind the wheel. Savage was the best wrestler WWF had on their roster from 1987-1992. everyone remembers Andre-Hulk from WrestleMania III, but it was Savage-Steamboat for the IC title, that stole the show. still, arguably the best match ever. he finally got his shot on top, by winning the tournament for the vacant WWF title at WrestleMania IV. he held the title for a year, before dropping it to Hulk, at WrestleMania V. he continued to have memorable matches at future Manias, with Ultimate Warrior at VII, and defeating Ric Fair for the WWF title, at VIII.

in an era dominated by Hulk Hogan, Savage was the better worker. he had better matches, cut better promos. hell, Savage was one of the few guys, who could make Ultimate Warrior look like a credible wrestler. somewhere in heaven, Savage and Miss Elizabeth are together again. the original royal couple of pro wrestling. RIP

Savage Liz


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