Kharma Written Off WWE TV

just when u thought it was safe to start watching the Divas division, along comes the segment on this past RAW. during the 8-diva tag match, Kharma came out to the middle of the ring, fell to her knees, and began sobbing. according to reports, she is being written off tv for at least the next 9 months. WWE hasn’t confirmed that she’s pregnant, but it’s kinda hard to rule out that possibility. this occurs three weeks after she debuted at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view on May 1. Kharma was in line for a monster push, so I’m pretty sure Vinman is none too pleased with this recent turn of events. it is now safe to go back to your regularly scheduled bathroom breaks, during the Divas matches. we wish Kharma all the best with her pregnancy.


in other news, the most misused talent on the roster, CM Punk, is once again involved in a feud with John Cena. Punk’s contract is up in a few months. negotiations have stalled, primarily b/c Punk does not want to give WWE the rights to his name. maybe, they offer him another title run, in hopes he re-signs. I’d be willing to bet that after his feud with Cena is over, he will walk away from the business. Punk seems like the kind of guy who manages his money wisely.

CM Punk


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