Will Ferrell Does Between Two Ferns

Will Ferrell stops by, to promote his new movie, Everything Must Go. it’s about an alcoholic, who suffers a relapse, causing his wife to leave him, and costing him his job. in an effort to start over, he has a yard sale on his front lawn, hilarity ensues.

they do a fist bump, but Zach hurts himself. they cut to a clip of a monkey, with a frog, sucking his dick. during the mandatory sponsor segment, Will mentions he’s also got a sponsor. Charlie, perfume for women, which he claims is “pungent.” a little girl walks on stage to tell Zach he’s fat. Will says that he really loves the atmosphere of the show. they start feeding each other fruit, eventually making out, after Zach shoves some strawberries in Will’s mouth. Jon Hamm stops by, to see if he left his keys there. it’s a running joke from the interview he did 2.5 years ago. he finds the keys, behind one of the ferns. Will talks about his work with dance teams. Zach is having trouble keeping up, so Will tells him to “take the fuckin’ fat out of his ears!” Zach says he’s not fat, and that he’s actually lost 9 lbs. the chair Zach is sitting on breaks. Will starts laughing, and then the chair he is sitting on breaks.
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 8/10

The Hangover II is out today. I’m cautiously optimistic, but not expecting that it will top the first one. if nothing else, I guess we have The Hangover III to look forward to in 2013.

Will Ferrell


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