Ultimate Surrender – S8E37 – (10) Tara Lynn Foxx vs. Serena Blair

if you’re a regular reader of this here blog (and I thank ya kindly), then u already know the outcome. a coupla weeks ago, Tara Lynn Foxx posted pics post-match, of her 344-203 win over Serena Blair. on twitter. it’s the final match of the regular season, between two girls who will be going thru to Summer Vengeance V. TLF finishes her second regular season campaign, 2-0, and will meet Rain DeGrey, in the 1st round. Serena Blair finishes her rookie season, 0-2, and will face Mahina “Freezing Moon” Zaltana, in the 1st round.

there is plenty of shake-up in the bottom half of the draw. girls who we thought were in like, Allie Haze, Kiki Koi, and Gia DiMarco, did not make the final cut. the following is the full list of participants in this year’s Summer Vengeance. while nothing is official, these appear to be the final rankings going in…

1. DIA ZERVA (5-2) BEST FINISH: SUMMER VENGEANCE IV CHAMPION (2010) defeated Wenona, Dragon Lily, and Vendetta en route to her championship; went 3-0 in the regular season (4)
2. ARIEL X (6-3) BEST FINISH: SUMMER VENGEANCE III CHAMPION (2009) defeated Hollie Stevens, Dia Zerva, and Vendetta en route to her championship; went 3-0 in the regular season (5)
3. DRAGON LILY (1-1) BEST FINISH: 1/2 FINAL ROUND SUMMER VENGEANCE IV (2010) went 3-0 in the regular season (2)
4. DARLING (5-4) BEST FINISH: 1/2 FINAL ROUND (3 TIMES, I-III) went 3-0 in the regular season (5)
5. BELLA ROSSI (1-1) BEST FINISH 1/4 FINAL ROUND SUMMER VENGEANCE III (2009) went 2-0 in the regular season (2)
6. CHEYENNE JEWEL (0-0) Ultimate Surrender’s Rookie of the Year; went 2-0 in the regular season; defeated Wenona in week 34. (1)
7. WENONA (3-4) BEST FINISH 1/4 FINAL ROUND (3 TIMES, I, III, IV) went 1-1 in the regular season (5)
8. SARA JAY (0-0) defeated Samantha Sin in week 31 (1)
9. RAIN DEGREY (1-1) BEST FINISH 2ND ROUND SUMMER VENGEANCE IV (2010) Rookie of the Year; defeated Jessie Cox in last year’s tournament. went 2-0 in the regular season. (2)
10. TARA LYNN FOXX (0-1) BEST FINISH 1ST ROUND SUMMER VENGEANCE IV (2010) went 2-0 in the regular season (2)
11. SAMANTHA SIN (1-1) BEST FINISH 2ND ROUND SUMMER VENGEANCE II (2008) went 1-2 in the regular season (2)
12. JESSIE COX (0-1) BEST FINISH 1ST ROUND SUMMER VENGEANCE IV (2010) went 2-0 in the regular season (2)
13. MAHINA ZALTANA (0-0) lost to Tia Ling and Hollie Stevens in the regular season (1)
14. SERENA BLAIR (0-0) lost to Tara Lynn Foxx and Bella Rossi in the regular season (1)
15. IONA GRACE (0-0) lost to Darling in the regular season (1)
16. EMMA HAIZE (0-0) lost to Gia DiMarco, Tori Lux, and Rosemary Radeva in the regular season (1)

the numbers in parentheses indicates each wrestler’s record in Summer Vengeance. the number in parentheses at the end of each line, indicates the number of tournaments they’ve appeared in.

there are six girls making their Summer Vengeance debuts, at least two of which are guaranteed to win at least one match
Ariel X, Darling, and Wenona have appeared in all five Summer Vengeance tournaments
Ariel X and Dia Zerva are the only wrestlers in the draw, to win the triple crown of Ultimate Surrender (regular season, tag team, Summer Vengeance)

are we headed for another epic battle between Ariel X and Dia in the championship?
will either Dragon Lily or Darling finally break thru, to capture their first Summer Vengeance title?
or will someone like Cheyenne Jewel play spoilers to the big 4?

my final four picks are Ariel X vs. Cheyenne Jewel and Dia Zerva vs. Darling
I’ll take Ariel X to beat Dia Zerva for her 2nd Summer Vengeance title


8 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E37 – (10) Tara Lynn Foxx vs. Serena Blair”

  1. Joe Says:

    How the hell does Gia DiMarco not make the cut?!? He picked EMMA HAIZE over her AND Allie Haize? Kiki Koi I can understand not making it because she’s only had 1 match, but to pick Emma over Gia is retarded.

  2. arikh Says:

    Joe, calm down please. I’m also bummed the sexiest girl might not be in SV. but it’s not picking Emma or Iona over Gia (or anybody else), it’s about injuries and schedules.

    Gia have started her suposed matc with Mahina on the 3rd of this month. unfortunately, she got injured. then a rematch was scheduled to the 15th. something came out, and it was pushed to the 25th. eventualy it wasn’t Gia who got to wrestle Mahina, but Serena.

    we still don’t know for sure. it could be TLF and Rain that don’t make it to SV for some reasons.

  3. arikh Says:

    more surprises to SV…

    aperantly, Emma didn’t wrestle Iona on the 26th, but a newcomer – Juliette March! yes, it was a SV match.

    I don’t believe how it have happend, so many girls couldn’t participate in SV in order to get Iona or Emma to be in SV. and now – to get a newb making her debut on SV – unbelievable.

    the winner is going to face Bella Rossi as next opponent.

    2nd round match ups – no spoilers:
    Sam/Jessie vs Cheyenne
    Serena/Mahina vs Sara
    Iona/Juliette vs Bella

    all of the above leaves probably Rain/TLF vs Wenona.


    aperantly Juliette won her debut against Iona, as she will be the one facing Bella next round!

  4. H20 Says:

    No, I’m with Joe… that’s stupid. And some girl made her debut in SV? Oh man, if Iona really did lose, that’s seriously embarrassing!

  5. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Matt has seeded it 1 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 4
    so AX and Dia COULD meet in the 1/2 finals
    Cheyenne Jewel is also in their half of the draw (a 1/4 match vs. Dia)
    Darling SHOULD have no problem getting to the final
    revised predictions:
    AX over Cheyenne
    Darling over Dragon
    AX over Darling in the final

  6. shawn Says:

    i just saw the Summer Vengeance elimination Archive. now i m releafed because no Dia to stand on the way of Dragon. My dear Dragon, i congratulate you in advance for winning your first S.V Crown.

    • arikh Says:

      that only gives the dragon a suposably easier way to the final, but even if she somehow gets to the final – Ariel/Dia will be waiting to crush her there…

      myself, I don’t see her getting to the final at all. Darling should beat her in the semi final. that is unless Bella will do it first in the 1/4 final.
      Bella can do it!

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    I agree with Arikh. If Bella gets fingers in her juicy twat it’s goodnight Vienna for Dragon. I hope she makes Dragon lick her ass cheeks in Rd 4.

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