Let’s Get This Shit Over With

as I wind down my illustrious career as the world’s greatest camera salesman, there’s not a day that goes by, that doesn’t remind me how much I truly hate my job. not more than one hour into my shift on Saturday, I had a tude brah looking for a Canon Rebel T3i. and as I have elabourated ad nauseum, the tsunami/earthquake that hit Japan, had a crippling effect on Canon’s inventory. as soon as I mentioned that we were out of stock, he started getting an attitude. he asked why do we have it on display, if we don’t have it? technically, it was the T2i that was on display, but since we don’t have that either, I just shrugged my shoulders, and let him vent. I checked inventory of other stores, but there was no one in the area, that had it. and having already been fucked out of a transfer order a few weeks ago, I was reluctant to suggest having one shipped in from another store. he found this unacceptable, and demanded to speak to a manager. I was more than happy to walk him over, and wash my hands of the situation. needless to say, I’m pretty sure I received some negative feedback from that. but as someone who doesn’t like receiving feedback from customers regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, I moved on with my day, knowing it could only get better from there. I made a concerted effort to force feed customers the cameras I would buy. the Nikon S9100 is my current favourite: it’s 12 MP, 18x optical zoom, 1080p HD video, super-fast shutter speed, great in low-light. I’m also digging the Canon A2200, and the Canon 100HS. not a whole lot of difference between the two Canons, other than the 100HS appears to be a little bit quicker on the delay. I sold two Canon 60Ds, as well. after a shaky start, I rebounded nicely with a 7/10.

Sunday morning, I had my department meeting which admittedly, I thought would be a huge waste of time. it was a good chance to see actual numbers on how much business has dropped off over the last year. apparently, the suits up in corporate have no idea that we are balls-deep in a recession. I say this, b/c there is intense scrutiny on my manager, and the store manager, to get things turned around. this would bring me to a point I made several months ago, when they asked me how I would conduct business. I told them to focus on three departments: cell phones, computers, and home theater. they laughed at me. there are a few departments, like cameras and GPS, that are just a complete drain on the bottom line. looks like my job is in jeopardy, but since I had the foresight to start branching out, and now have two other viable forms of income coming in, I don’t have time to worry about it. I don’t think my manager will fire me (probably b/c I can make more on unemployment) but he certainly doesn’t think I am getting the job done. I respect his opinion, and if he can bring in someone who can do a better job than me, then I’m all for it.

it was a fairly uneventful workday. felt almost like a weekday, as I imagine most ppl were either out of town for the Memorial Day weekend, or outside enjoying the nice weather. I noticed my co-worker was helping a customer with an SLR camera. about 20 minutes later, the customer came over and asked me for some help. I knew if they were asking me for help, something must’ve gone terribly awry with my co-worker. they were in the market for the Nikon D5000, which I believe my friend mistook for the D5100. he made the mistake of 1) saying that it was a fairly new camera (it’s over 3 years old) 2) we had it in stock (we didn’t) and 3) he tried to do a dot com order (it had been discontinued since November 2010) the customer was extremely pissed, but luckily I was there to save the sale, and preserve everyone’s sanity. and that’s really one of the few things (besides health care) that’s kept me at that job, is the interactions with the customers. they’d like to blame me for the low sales numbers, b/c I’ve failed the customers. I find this bullshit logic an insult, b/c if I was truly failing them, I wouldn’t even waste my time acknowledging what few customers we do get. we have not even hit the bottom of this recession, when will ppl realize this? at least I’m getting paid for today, so who’s the real asshole here?



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