Complete Rectal Shutdown Meets King Diamond Appreciation Day

two years ago, I took the most brutal vacation known to man. and now, I’m back to do it again.

July 1-8, I’ll be storming the west coast…with menace, building upon what I did in 2009. I’m hitting San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. they say I’m wasting my time. they say I’m wasting my money. I say I’m doing what I want, and I don’t give a fuck.

July 1 – I hit San Francisco for the Ultimate Surrender tag team match. third time’s a charm!
July 2 – I’m filming my Aqua Teen Hunger Force x-rated parody for ZZ. 10 minutes of dialogue, 30 minutes of bareback anal sex
July 3 – I’ll be doing stand-up at the I/O West in Hollywood. ppl accuse me of being a poor man’s Neil Hamburger. but fuck it, I can tell a mutha fuckin’ joke!
July 4 – Independence Day on Venice Beach. maybe I can hit up a medicinal shop
July 5 – guest spot on Chelsea Lately. it ain’t the big time, but it’s a start
July 6 – I’m flying to Vegas; gonna fuck some hookers, and lose the rest of my money at the blackjack tables
July 7 – King Diamond Appreciation Day: I’ve got something uber-spectacular planned for this day; as Dickie Moist might say “I can’t even describe it.”
July 8 – fly back to the shithole

I will do my best to update my blog every day, while I’m on the road, b/c this shit matters to me. thanks for all your support…



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