The 6th Annual National Day of Slayer

06/06/06 marked the start of what was to become a global phenomenon. on that date, the biggest of the Big 4, Slayer, released the first single “Jihad” off the Christ Illusion album (released two months later) I would say this is their best work, since Seasons In The Abyss. I took great pride in wearing my Slayer shirt, I bought at the Jagermeister tour in September, underneath my work shirt. my manager asked me why I wasn’t wearing a plain white t-shirt. I lifted up my shirt to reveal the Slayer logo, and said “it’s national day of Slayer, bitch!” ok, I didn’t call him a bitch, but I was pretty ramped up all day. normally, you’d think listening to Slayer for 6 hours before going to work may cause you to become angry, aggressive, and possibly violent. but, oddly enough, listening to Slayer has a calming effect on me. I had the lyrics to “Epidemic”, running thru my head, all day! aside from “Angel of Death” it’s my favourite song on Reign In Blood. if you’re one of the millions celebrating national day of Slayer, don’t forget, we have our King Diamond appreciation day coming up on July 7. the only day of the year where it’s appropriate to wear corpse paint and singtalk in a falsetto.

“I don’t trust anyone, who doesn’t like Slayer” -Mike Patton



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