Ultimate Warrior Posts Tirade Against Hulk Hogan

the war of words on twitter, between Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan, has reached critical mass. Ultimate Warrior posted a 7-minute snippet (from his 55-minute shoot interview on all things Hogan) on youtube. Warrior says he will release the complete interview, Karma Is Coming To Collect, on June 17. Hulkster is already threatening to file a lawsuit.

the allegations leveled by Warrior against Hogan include:
Warrior blames Hogan for ruining Savage’s marriage to Elizabeth
Warrior talks about Hogan’s cocaine use
Warrior says Hogan had an open relationship with ex-wife, Linda, and says Hogan offered to let Warrior sleep with her
Warrior mocks Hogan for being 60 years old and still wearing a do-rag and 50-cent sunglasses

most ppl would be quick to dismiss this as the non-sensical ramblings, of a man who might not be playing with a full deck. everyone already knows that Hogan lied about his years of steroid abuse. it’s well-documented that Hogan only cares about himself, and doesn’t give a fuck about the business. Warrior might be crazy, but it doesn’t mean that he’s not telling the truth. Hogan and Warrior have such like-minded, ego-maniacal personalities, it’s no wonder they hate each other’s guts. if u post it, I will watch…


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