Kacey Jordan Quits The Inferwebz

the winner of Howard Stern’s Pornstar Beauty Pageant, and most notably, an alum of Charlie’s (Sheen) Angels, Kacey Jordan, deleted her twitter account, due to abusive language from her stalkers…err, I mean followers. she was in Vegas doing her thang, and tweeted that she had been raped in her hotel room.

the girl who delighted us with stories about doing coke off Charlie’s wang, her many abortions, the time she fucked that dude who had dick cheese, all over his balls and ass. dick cheese, man, she was up to her knees in it. she had to use turpentine, just to get rid of it. and letting her dentist fuck her in the ass for veneers, has gone off the grid. we here at IGRO wish her all the best in her future endeavors. for more on this story, check out PornWikiLeaks. it’s like WikiLeaks…only for porn!

Kacey Jordan


One Response to “Kacey Jordan Quits The Inferwebz”

  1. Clint Says:

    Haha. I know the song you referenced 🙂

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