Summer Vengeance V – Week 2 – Chloe Camilla vs. Sloane Soleil

the first round continues with two girls who we didn’t think were going to be a part of Summer Vengeance. Chloe Camilla went 0-4 in the regular season, and was all but eliminated, after her loss to Kiki Koi, three weeks ago. Sloane Soleil wasn’t even on the radar for Summer Vengeance, having only wrestled once in the regular season (a 267-8 loss to Jessie Cox, in week 17)

with the advantage in both size and experience, Chloe finally lived up to her “Conquereor” nickname. she dominated Sloane from the start, wrapping her in crushing leg-scissors to force multiple submissions. Chloe found success with the schoolboy pin, rendering Sloane’s defenses useless. Chloe took a page out of Shannon Kelly’s playbook, by having her vanquished foe, don the strap-on. it was one of the more innovative round 4s, this reporter has ever seen.

Chloe advances to meet Rain Degrey. Mahina Zaltana meets Serena Blair next week. there is a live tag match set for June 17. it was supposed to be Dragon Lily & Kiki Koi vs. Wenona & Gia DiMarco, but only Dragon is still scheduled to compete. we’ll update as soon as we hear who the replacements will be.

Sloane 0 4 0 4
Chloe 147 245 150 542


12 Responses to “Summer Vengeance V – Week 2 – Chloe Camilla vs. Sloane Soleil”

  1. arikh Says:

    this blowout surprised me very much.

    the question is did I underestimated Chloe or did I overestimated Sloane ?

    Chloe managed to lose to Kiki who was making her debut just a few monthes ago (it took them very long time to upload this particular match).

    Sloane kept a low scoring match against the veteran Jessie Cox in her debut, 267-8.

    so how come Chloe used her as a ragdoll, scoring twice as Jessie did ?
    how come Sloane was worse at her 2nd match which also was against a weaker opponent than the first ?

    I think the answer is somewhere in between. Chloe must have trained privately and on tag teams. she had some skills all along.
    but more than I underestimated her, I think I overestimated Sloane.

    this match reminded me very much of Harmony’s performances against wrestlers whos never won and should be weaker than her, at least on paper.

    Sloane is probably somekind of Harmony…
    both looked O.K against the veterans and both got their asses kicked by low ranked, while making this low ranked look like the elite, confusing us completley.

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Got to love Chloe for being such a skanky fucker. She’s so used to getting beaten and fucked that she still wants to be on the receiving end of the dildo even when she wins. That said, neither of these two should be in SV given that US is now a mature sport with a global following.

  3. GremBHM Says:

    I totally agree with Arikh.
    I couldn’t believe Chloe was going to score 542 points !! Not only I thought there wouldn’t have had more than 200pts scored in the match but also I thought Chloe was going to lose.

    My predictions:

    Mahina – Serana > Serena wins (even if I’m a huge fan of Mahina body!)
    Jessie – Samantha > (I saw the spoiler)

    Juliette – Bella > Bella (easily)
    Rain – Chloe > Rain (easily)
    Cheyenne – Jessie > Cheyenne (easily)
    Sara – Serena > Sara (thanks to her weight)

    Dragon – Bella > Bella (in what may be a very closed match)
    Ariel – Rain > Ariel
    Dia – Cheyenne > Dia (I don’t see Cheyenne beating her)
    Darling – Sara > Darling

    Darling – Bella > … I’m hesitating but I think Darling should win this one
    Dia – Ariel > Ariel … and that’s it !

    Ariel – Darling > \m/ Ariel X \m/

  4. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Grem – not to spoil anything, but I think you’ll be pleased with the outcome of the Mahina-Serena match šŸ™‚

    I’m disappointed by how easily Chloe beat Sloane. doesn’t Sloane compete regularly for a few other sites? I don’t see Chloe being much of a challenge for Rain.

    also, what’s up with Samantha Sin? on paper, she shoulda beat Jessie. I’ll reserve further comment until after the match is posted.

    • arikh Says:

      ya, it was like watching one of Harmony’s unforgetable matches against Annie Cruz, Sara Jane Ceylon and Trina Michaels. all three of them came as the underdog before the match but kicked Harmony’s ass easily.

      but even Harmony, besides having no defense at all, at least got some points on the board and showed some offensive abillities.

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think even Emma Haize would have given a harder fight for Chloe.

      in a match heppend today between Emma and Sloane, I’m going with Emma. that’s it. I’ve said it…


      I guess Samantha, though hate losing, is a bit softer than we thought. but we’ll have to wait and watch the match to understand what the hell happend to her.

      I just realized that the lower ranked won all 4 matches of the 1st round!
      16 won 15, 14 won 13, 12 won 11, 10 won 9. unbelievable! though I don’t consider Mahina’s win as an upset, but the other three are upsets.

      in the 2nd round, Mahina is the only 1st rounder with a chance of winning.

  5. arikh Says:

    I like most of your prediction! that is besides Mahina’s chances.
    Bella’s beating or slaying the Dragon, Ariel X is the champ – sounds good to me.

    since you saw the spoiler about Jessie vs Samantha, here’s another one for you…


    Mahina won her match with Serena and got to wrestle Sara last week, in the same day of Rain vs Chloe.

    no word yet on who won, Mahina or Sara. but it was close hard match. don’t underestimate Mahina, she’s been training hard lately.
    Rain obviously won.

  6. shawn Says:


  7. Ringmaster Says:

    Looking forward to ahina v Sara and hoping that Mahina sat on the source of the garlic breath and twisted those sweaty tits until the scoreboard blew a fuse. The problem with beating Sara is: would you really want to fuck her in Rd4? I can recall a losing wrestler getting a whipping once. Or maybe one of the crews from Rough Gangbangs could lend a hand.

  8. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    it’s gonna be Dragon & Kiki vs. Cheyenne & Gia this Friday nite. Cheyenne has the edge on Dragon, Kiki has a slight edge on Gia. it will all come down to who utilizes their tags more effectively. I go with team Cheyenne by less than 50 points.

  9. Ringmaster Says:

    Isis has tweeted before and after pics of Mahina v Sara. In the after pic, they are lying side by side, false tits jutting at the ceiling, but Mahina is STILL wearing her bands. Not clear whether Sara has hers on as Mahina is lying across one upper arm and the other is off shot. Mahina has also tweeted how much she enjoyed wrestling Sara, which sounds positive. Any other indicators of the result?

  10. arikh Says:

    about the bands, I think “after the match” means by the end of round 3, while both of the girls still has their bands. Isis is taking this pictures with a thought of not telling who’s the winner.

    but you right about Mahina’s vs Sara’s twitts, Mahina sound more positive. she also said Sara was amazing, which can be interpertate in a couple of ways:
    a. she’s complimenting her losing rival for giving her a hard fight.
    b. she’s complimenting her rival for beating her.

    I’m going with a…

    the only thing we know for sure is that it was a very very close match, means probably less than 30 pts margin.

  11. Ringmaster Says:

    I too suspect (and hope) that Mahina finished up strapping on the dildo for an extremely vigorous fuck session in which she and Isis truly welcomed Sara to US after her stroke of beginner’s luck against Samantha.
    Sara can take pretty much anything so I see scope for DP, ass-eating and squirting on face as Mahina and Isis work each other up to a climax.

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