A Cautionary Tale On The Housing Bubble and Stock Market Crash of 2008

Master Shake uses a “no payments with no interest for the weekend” loan to buy a Hummer stretch limo. unfortunately, his credit is terrible, and he finds himself being chased by The Creditor. an episode inspired by the movie, Aliens, that features an antagonist eerily reminiscent of The Predator, or some type of predatory alien life force. to appease The Creditor’s insatiable lust for hookers, cocaine, and human flesh, Shake takes him out for an evening with Charlie Sheen. when that plan backfires, Shake begins offering up his friends as sacrifices to The Creditor.

themes addressed within this episode:
this is the second straight episode that is allegedly set in Seattle
Shake’s inability to get laid, is mentioned as a reason for his buying the Hummer
what is Master Shake’s age? he may be turning 44 this year
the scenes with Shake and the therapist reminded me of Dr. Katz

netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10

second perfect score this season. the first being the Intervention episode, which I loosely referenced, during my review of The Cars show, from a few weeks back. read it or don’t, whateva…



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