CM Punk: The Last True Indy Hero…Held Down By The McmAhoN

truth be told, I was never really a huge CM Punk fan. not until he was injured, and started doing commentary on RAW, toward the end of last year. when he came back, he was immediately thrust into a main event feud with John Cena, and things looked promising. ultimately, Punk became the leader of The Nexus stable, and never beat Cena for the WWE title.

so, as Punk’s contract is set to expire in a coupla months, it’s worth noting that he will more than likely be taking a leave of absence from the WWE. he feels like he is not booked as a top guy in the company, and who can blame him. it’s a well-known fact that Vinman tends to shit on wrasslers who aren’t a product of his own creation.

another potential hang-up to Punk re-signing is his reluctance to sign over the naming rights to CM Punk. once Cena dispatches of that “little Jimmy” hatin’ R-Truth at Sunday’s Capitol Punishment PPV, I would imagine Punk will be next in line for a title shot (since he beat Cena in the main event on RAW, this week) there is a pay-per-view coming up in July in Chicago (Punk’s hometown) so that could very well be his swan song in the WWE. Cena is a fan of Punk, and is on record as saying the feud they had earlier this year, didn’t quite reach it’s potential. we’ll see…



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