Jon Benjamin Has A Van (Down By The River)

it’s been a pretty good year for Jon Benjamin. he’s got a recurring role on Family Guy, as Carl, the manager of a local gas station. he has the lead role in Bob’s Burgers. an animated show about a guy who runs a restaurant with the help of his wife and kids. and last but not least, he has the lead role on Archer, an animated series on FX, about a spy who works for his mother.

his newest offering, Jon Benjamin Has A Van, ran it’s two-nite premiere, on Comedy Central. the opening segment features Jon interviewing another comedian named Jon (Glaser) who is best known as Jon from Delocated. he plays a “war veteran” who was discharged from the military, before he shipped off to Afghanistan, after he lost his voice during basic training. I wonder if this was done to preserve the mystery around his Delocated character.

there’s also two “guerilla-style” sketches. “Cash Stall” a play off “Cash Cab” where Jon asks guys sitting in the stall next to him questions to win cash. “You Can’t Shoot Here” which as the name implies, is a segment where he takes his camera into places where they can’t shoot.

the main storyline for the first episode centers around Jon taking a trip with his camera crew down to the US-Mexico border. Jon pushes his producer, played by Matt Walsh (Childrens Hospital, Upright Citizens Brigade) over the border as a joke, and refuses to give him his passport. Jon returns a year later to check up on Matt, only to find he’s become the head of a big drug cartel.

episode 2 opens with Jon interviewing a reporter, played by Jay Johnston (Officer Jay from the Sarah Silverman Program), about the interview he conducted with a farmer who was horribly disfigured in a wheat thresher accident. Jon is later interviewed by the same reporter, about his interview with the farmer.

there are two “guerilla-style” sketches. the first is Jon asking ppl on the street about their views on gay marriage. when Jon finally gets someone to respond, he is interrupted by a call on his cell phone. after making the interviewee wait a few minutes, Jon brushes him off, so he can keep talking on the phone. the second sketch involves senior citizens using the internet. it’s funny watching an old man check his email, only to see it filled with spam.

the main storyline centers around Jon’s involvement in a turf war between Little Italy and Little, Little Italy (where all the residents are the size of action figures)

the show does have a bit of a Tim & Eric vibe to it, and it should come as no surprise that their ABSO-LUTELY production company is involved. if you’re a fan of either Tim & Eric or Jon Benjamin, u should do like Dr. Steve Brule and…CHECK IT OUT!!!

episode 1:
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 8/10

episode 2:
netflix: 3/5
imdb: 6/10



One Response to “Jon Benjamin Has A Van (Down By The River)”

  1. Clint Says:

    Oh man, I didn’t realize that was Jon Glaser! I’d say ep 1 was 5/5, 9/10, and ep 2 was 3/5, 7/10.

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