Summer Vengeance V – Week 3 – Mahina Zaltana vs. Serena Blair

many analysts feel that Mahina “Freezing Moon” Zaltana has the best chance of any of the 1st rounders, to reach the 1/4 final stage. she has been training, and it shows. she picks up her first win at Ultimate Surrender, dispatching of Serena Blair, 286-20. following her victory, Mahina becomes bored with fucking Serena in round 4, so she ties her up, and has her watch while Isis fucks Mahina. Serena takes losing quite hard, and there is some doubt, as to whether she’ll be back next season. next up for Mahina, is a match with big-titted MILF Sara Jay. the match took place earlier this week, and there is speculation Mahina won. at the very least, we are hearing it was an extremely close match. the first round concludes next week with Samantha Sin vs. Jessie Cox

Mahina 84 131 71 286
Serena 11 4 5 20

the tag match tonite was Dragon Lily & Kiki Koi (1-1) vs. Cheyenne Jewel & Gia DiMarco (0-2). Kiki left after the first round, due to a shoulder injury, and was replaced by Rain Degrey. it was a match that was decided by less than 40 points. Team Dragon ended up winning 948-910, altho if Cheyenne and Gia had been more effective with their tags, they might’ve won. there’s word that Dia is injured, but hopefully it’s nothing that will prevent her from competing in Summer Vengeance, or even the tag match scheduled for July 1.


10 Responses to “Summer Vengeance V – Week 3 – Mahina Zaltana vs. Serena Blair”

  1. arikh Says:

    Mahina gave a performance of a real solid veteran. she’s now already better than more experienced girls such as TLF, Jessie and Samantha for sure.

    last night live tag team was disapointing for me for couple of reasons:
    1. not enough Gia vs Kiki time.
    2. Kiki got injured at the start of the 2nd round, just right Gia mounted her.
    3. Cheyenne failed her 1st test against the elite top 4.
    moreover, it was against the weakest of them. if she can’t handle Dragon, she got no chance against Dia. she was quiet slow and uncreative last night in what seemed to me as no more than a bit improved Wenona. Glad Bella is the one facing Dragon, as I believe now she has better chances than Cheyenne.

    just before she got on the mat instead of injured Kiki, Rain revealed on the chat she’s going to participate in the next tag team (the goddesses vs the pirates). she also said it will be her and TLF replacing Dia and Allie in this match against Ariel and Chloe. Rain claimed she’s gonna kick Chloe’s ass, that’s interesting since she just wrestled her a weak ago.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    we are just gonna hafta agree to disagree on Cheyenne’s performance. it’s a completely different dynamic between tag team and singles matches. Cheyenne did very well, but she put too much on herself, and didn’t lean more on Gia. they still have two matches left, so maybe they can turn things around.

    since Dia & Allie are being replaced by Rain & TLF, it makes Chloe the weakest of the four. this will be another great test for AX, not just as a wrestler, but also as a tactician. first place (and perhaps a berth straight thru to the championship round) will be on the line.

  3. arikh Says:

    I think it will be a landslide for Ariel and Chloe. Ariel can take both Rain and TLF by herself in a handicap match. she won with Iona as a fresh newb partner against TLF and Bella. it will be easy with Chloe and while Bella is replaced by Rain.

    Chloe will probably get dominated by Rain, but she will give TLF a hard time. I hope for even more, that Chloe maybe have an advantage over TLF. but anyway, she’ll stand for her ground against her.


    next week we have Jessie vs Samantha.
    tha last match of the very surprising 1st round.

    the 2nd round is upon us, three matches of clear favorites (Rain, Cheyenne and Bella) and a two sided match between Sara and Mahina.

    besides guessing the winner of Sara and Mahina, we’ve only left to guess the margins of the favorites victories.
    Bella vs Juliette – 500 pts margin
    Cheyenne vs Jessie – 400 pts margin
    Rain vs Chloe – 300 pts margin

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      are u sure it will be Rain and TLF? my sources tell me Dia is ok to compete. in other news, Cheyenne Jewel beat Jessie Cox “miserably” no word on the actual score, but I’d be willing to bet Cheyenne beat her by at least 300 points.

      • arikh Says:

        I’m sure Rain said that. but ofcourse no one can be sure it will actually accurs til the last minute. especially in these cases of replacing an injured wrestler.

        considering you got this info from your sources later than the day of the tag team match (in which Rain said that), and considering this info does regard the previous situation of Dia being injured (and now has recovered), I think your info is the more updated one.

        now the question is who will be Allie’s replacement (considering your info doesn’t say nothing about her returning) ? Rain or TLF ?
        Dia and Allie were already the best pair, so upgrading this team with Rain instead of Allie will give them a significant advantage.
        so I wish it will be TLF who will be replacing her and not Rain. though I guess Rain is a lot more available for kink. so probably she will be the one replacing Allie.

      • arikh Says:

        Matt just anounced the tag team league is canceld!!

        but, there will be live tag team matches EVERY OTHER MONTH.

        there won’t be a july live tag team match. so all of our speculations and infos have just thrown to trash.

  4. GremBHM Says:

    “besides guessing the winner of Sara and Mahina, we’ve only left to guess the margins of the favorites victories.”
    My “pronostics”:
    – Bella vs Juliette – Bella will score 666 pts, she’s the beast ! No, she’ll score more !!
    – Cheyenne vs Jessie: I wait to see the match between Jessie & Samantha.
    – I see more than 300pts margin between Rain and Chloe.

    I am “un fan absolu” of Mahina body, don’t want to see her fucked by Sara 😦

  5. Ringmaster Says:

    If Mahina beats Sara, as we expect, we can look forward to a mouthwatering clash with Darling and her fantabulous tits. he defeat of Serena was an accomplished perormance against a determined if underpowered opponent. We can only hope the pussy injury doesn’t put Serena off. If she can put on some muscle and see a wrestling coach, there is every chance she could esablish herself in the mid-card, given the standard of some of the porn sluts passing themselves off as wrestlers at the moment.

  6. arikh Says:

    Mahina is the best developing wrestler of the year. from a 870-0 defeat against Tia Ling, I believe she’s now at the level of beating Tia.

    her match against Sara will settle the rookie of the year (I don’t consider Cheyenne a rookie).

    I’ve talked to Serena about her thoughts from this match against Mahina.
    she was super frustrated during and after this particular match. she came in with high expectations, she watched Mahina’s previous matches and thought she’s gonna beat her. but as the match started she was outmatched, outpowered and outskilled completely. she felt she couldn’t do nothing. she was helpless more than ever. to add to this frustration she got a pussy injury. moreover, she was severly bruised and her all body was hurting for a couple of days after it.
    her sad face during the match tells it all.

    considering all of this, her thoughts after the match were to not come back.

    but, she changed her thought, she realized it was an unfortunate match were she stood up against much stronger girl. she did gave two good fights against TLF and Bella and wasn’t helpless at all. she now back to believe in her potential and trains to come back better next season.

    that made me appreciate even more girls like Emma Haize and other past wrestler who never won. they lose and lose but still comes back. they don’t judge themselves too hursh and don’t feel ashame to be ranked at the very bottom.

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    Interesting news about Serena. She obviously wants to be a winner, which is good, and her attitude suggests she will do the training necessary to be the one strapping on the dildo and fucking her opponent next time she gets on the naked wrestling mat. Good luck to her.

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