Area Lawyer Wishes He Would’ve Been Reincarnated As Womens Bicycle Seat

soon to be the next smash-hit sitcom on [adult swim] Persie Handfisher, LLC announced they were pitching a show about a lawyer who insults a judge, and has his soul cursed into the body of a dog. 20 years later, the dog wanders back into the courtroom, jogging one judge’s painful memories of that fateful day. since the dog refuses to leave, they sentence him to death by stoning, at the hands of local children.

the show will star Dana Snyder, as the voice of the dog lawyer. Charlie Sheen will star as his unemployed, cocaine-snorting, sexaholic brother, who is now technically his “owner” Judd Hirsch will play the father, who is also a lawyer. Lauren Conrad (The Hills, that Family Guy episode where they referenced The Hills) will play his daughter.

Family Guy

the pilot episode entitled “Boaz Lefkowitz: Renegade Canine Lawyer” is set to start filming next month. our inside sources are confirming that this is the same writing team that worked on last year’s blockbuster movie “The Jurist”…starring Rob Schneider.

based on a true story

Lawyer dog


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