Summer Vengeance V – Week 4 – Samantha Sin vs. Jessie Cox

was Samantha Sin still feeling the effects from being overwhelmed by Sara Jay, and her massive funbags, during her upset loss, in week 31? she was dominated from the opening bell by Jessie Cox. the match had to be stopped after round 2, when Samantha began suffering from back spasms. fortunately, this didn’t prevent her from being fucked in multiple positions by Jessie. Isis Love wore an alternate “zebra” ref jersey. Jessie’s got some new ink on the inside of her right arm. she advances to meet Cheyenne Jewel in the next round. next up: the unknown, Juliette March, goes for two in a row, as she takes on Bella Rossi, in second round action.

Samantha 8 39 47
Jessie 106 92 198

there is big news this week, as Matt has disbanded the tag league! I was gonna attend the match that was scheduled for next Friday, but rest assured, I have made alternate plans. injuries, scheduling conflicts, etc. have forced the move. Dia Zerva is out 4-6 weeks with an undisclosed injury. her 1/4 final match with Cheyenne Jewel is supposed to go live on the site, August 12. hopefully, the match will take place.

in lieu of the league, tag matches will now be every other month. Matt will hand pick the wrestlers, and then have forumers vote on the pairings. can u just imagine the superpower matches that could occur? Ariel X & Cheyenne Jewel vs. Dia Zerva & Dragon Lily, anyone?


6 Responses to “Summer Vengeance V – Week 4 – Samantha Sin vs. Jessie Cox”

  1. shawn Says:

    @celticfrostedflakes, is it true that dragon lily is among the list of injured wrestlers?

    • arikh Says:

      I don’t think she’s injured now.

      Matt posted a list of girls whos been injured this season, what have made it very diffucult to have the tag team league as it should.

      among the many girls he has mentioned there was also Dragon.

      but, at the bottom of the list, he wrote “And now Dia Zerva is out for 4-6 weeks with an injury she suffered off the US mat.”
      meaning she’s the only girl on the list whos injured right now. the others are probably already recovered.

      huepow, Dia vs Cheyenne supose to be live on august 12 ?? where did you hear that ?
      I think I’ve got to watch singles SV match only once or twice.

      hope they’ll have Tomcat at the commentary, with Isis, while Matt will be the ref.
      hope they won’t have audience, as I think the crowd put a lot of unwanted presure and bring too much adrenalin to the wrestlers, the kind that causes more frequent injuries.

  2. shawn Says:


    • arikh Says:

      don’t you read what I’m telling you ?
      he listed girls that been injured sometime this season. only Dia is injure right now…

  3. arikh Says:

    this thursday there will be two 3rd round (quarter finals) matches. Ariel X vs Chloe/Rain
    Darling vs Sara/Mahina

    2nd round SPOILERS::

    as expected, Rain won Chloe and will be the one wrestling Ariel X.

    unexpectedly (for most), Mahina won Sara also!
    Mahina tweeted she’s having a match this thursday. that’s definetly another SV match which means she won Sara after all.

  4. Ringmaster Says:

    Looking forward to seeing Sara fucked on the mat. I hope Isis squirted on her face.

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