Hipsterscum Makes Poo-Poo All Over The Shows We Like

The Problem Solverz
hard to believe that this show isn’t on [adult swim] but instead airs in primetime on Cartoon Network. according to an email I received from my good friends at PFFR:
“We just barely gave birth to that thing. More like surrogate parents. Ben and the show (Neon Knome) achieved emancipation and Problem Sloverz was bornded”
anything even remotely related to PFFR is gonna be extremely funny and extremely weird.
the show is about three friends who try to solve mundane problems, but end up getting into bigger problems. “Breakfast Wars” was about how they had to rescue a child who was being held captive by a giant fish, inside a cereal bowl.
“Zoo Jail” they are on the trail of an elusive graffiti artist, who ends up turning their world from 3-d to 2-d.

Problem Solverz

David Faustino has a web series starring himself and Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis) it’s a comedy about how much their lives suck and what they will do for a quick buck. each episode usually opens with Faustino attempting to kill himself. it’s got a very dark humour to it, and low-budget production values. the combination of which, made me think of that Butthole Surfers long-form music video “Entering Texas” one of the episodes we watched centered around a Married…With Children reunion, but with Seth Green playing the part of Bud Bundy. we watched another episode where David gets tricked into doing a scat/snuff film in Germany, after Corey Feldman dropped out.

Bud Bundy

the artist fka Hipsterscum, now known simply as Le Voltigeur du King George, continued to skew the general consensus in a negative direction. he didn’t seem to care much for Star-ving, and also took umbrage with Married…With Children. he didn’t look too kindly upon The Problem Solverz, either.

both episodes of Star-ving I gave 9s, and I gave an 8 to the Zoo Cops episode and a 9 to the Breakfast Wars episode of The Problem Solverz. the other 5 or 6 ppl who watched it gave similar scores, but Le Voltigeur du King George gave out scores like 5s and 6s…BOO!


3 Responses to “Hipsterscum Makes Poo-Poo All Over The Shows We Like”

  1. Clint Says:

    Hipsterscum lives a sad life where he can’t enjoy anything other than his one favorite activity..

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    is his favourite activity, complaining?

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