Atari Teenage Riot – Is This Hyperreal? Review…Or Is This Even A Real Review?

Activate – the smashing single that announced the triumphant return of the ATR. they opened their 2010 reunion shows with this track.
Blood In My Eyes – the second single, released a few months ago. talks about the joys of human sex trafficking.
Black Flags – this is the third single, kinda has that NIN Year Zero vibe to it.
Is This Hyperreal? – did anyone play that PSX 2.5-d shooter Einhander? this song sounds like it should be on the in-game soundtrack.
Codebreaker – my favourite song (next to Activate) this should be a staple on future shows.
Shadow Identity – upbeat, catchy hooks. it’s like if The Go-Gos did a song with Ladytron.
Rearrange Your Synapses – “capitalism, you’re a little fat man in a big expensive car, hanging over a ravine.”
Digital Decay – Baltimore gets a shout-out! maybe Nic remembers talking with us outside of Sonar after the show, good times!
The Only Slight Glimmer Of Hope – move away from the internet, and toward anarchy!
Collapse Of History – here’s another one of those catchy tracks, reminiscent of Ladytron. not that there’s anything wrong with that.

if Alec Empire ever wanted to do a stand-up comedy tour with Dave Mustaine, I would pay whatever they charge to see it. I guess ppl who like ATR would say I was trolling to utter Atari Teenage Riot in the same breath as Ladytron, but this is 2011. if you’re a fan of ATR, u should definitely check out this album. I’m already frothing in anticipation for tix to go on sale for their show in DC on Sept. 17. it’s not quite up to par with the stuff they did in the ’90s, but I reserve the right to change my rating of this album, after more spins. but for now..

netflix: 4/5
imdb: 8/10



One Response to “Atari Teenage Riot – Is This Hyperreal? Review…Or Is This Even A Real Review?”

  1. Clint Says:

    I really need to hurry up and listen to this!

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