3rd Year Blo-giver-sary

yes, the same blog that was featured on 10 Things Destroying The Moral Fabric Of Sean Hannity’s America. this is actually version 3.0 of my blog. the first two incarnations failed miserably, b/c I had yet to discover Xavier: Renegade Angel (to which this blog’s address is an homage)

over the past three years, I’d like to think we’ve put out more Onion-esque headlines (one day I’ll post a list of my favourites) than any other blog on the inferwebz. hard to believe that as of this pressing, we are sitting at 165,000+ hits. who knew writing about lesbian sexfighting and cartoons would generate so much interest?!? I ain’t no mathematical calculatationist or such, but I’d say 1000+ hits a week with little to no promotional work (a link on my facebook page, and one on my Kink profile page) is kinda cool. looking back to the inception of this blog, my first post was the epic “Fuck You, Pay Me” (De Niro) where I wrote about getting a stimulus check from the government. thx for the support!
Persie Handfisher
Editor-In-Chief IGRO


2 Responses to “3rd Year Blo-giver-sary”

  1. Clint Says:

    sheeeit, i don’t think i realized the blogtitle was an Xavier reference!

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    yep, it’s from the “Bloodcorn” episode in season 1. Xavier says it at the very end, it’s great!

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