Adventure Time Season 3 Underway

the cartoon show designed for 8 year-olds, but geared more toward the parents, who like to get toasted at 8 o’clock on a Monday nite. it’s the show that sets the fuckin’ tone, when it comes to characters wacky facial expressions. the second season concluded a mere two months ago, and already they are back for the third season. fans of the show were cumming in their pants, when show creator, Pendleton Ward, announced on May 2, that they were working on scripts for season 4.

in the season 3 premiere, Finn & Jake run into the Cute King (who upon first glance looks like a micro-sized version of Princess Bubblegum) who decides to wage war on the duo. unfortunately, CK and his army, are on a bit of a losing streak. Finn & Jake enlist the help of their buddies to get CK back on the right track.

cool shit in this episode:
when BMO develops one of the pictures, it makes that sound effect u hear a lot of at the beginning of Texas Chainsaw Massacre
during one of the battles, one of Cute King’s minions accidentally slices off a fellow minion’s leg
another minion is accidentally decapitated while running into battle
Cute King uses his minions to form a giant mech (kinda like Voltron)
Cinnamon Bun gets the award for best facial expression at the 8:21 mark of the episode

netflix: 4/5
imdb: 9/10


AT 2

AT 3

AT 4



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