Summer Vengeance V – Week 7 – Cheyenne Jewel vs. Jessie Cox

Cheyenne Jewel is 2-0 in her Ultimate Surrender career, including a convincing win over Wenona, in week 34. she has five years of wrestling experience, and was already one of the top talents in the business, before she ever set foot in the Armory. she comes into Summer Vengeance ranked 6th. we feel she was ranked too low, and consider her one of the favourites to win it all.

Jessie Cox finished her second season at Ultimate Surrender with a 2-0 record. she also scored a mild upset of Samantha Sin in the first round to advance to this point. the time she spent as Dia Zerva’s tag team partner last season, provided her with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

three months ago, Cheyenne did a shoot for Ultimate Surrender’s sister site, Public Disgrace. in that shoot, Jessie fucked Cheyenne with a strap-on. consider this payback! Cheyenne puts on a technical masterpiece, tormenting Jessie in a wide variety of submission holds. grapevines, leg-scissors, and even the dreaded camel clutch! Cheyenne has quickly picked up the US-style, and showcased an exemplary fingering technique, to complement her grappling skills. Jessie never had a chance, and was unable to score a single point in the second and third rounds. in true Wrangler fashion, Cheyenne uses Jessie’s armbands as reigns, while she fucks Jessie doggystyle, in round 4.

Matt announced this week that he will be returning to referee duties, beginning in the 1/4 final round. The Goddess of Sodomy will remain on as a co-referee for tag matches. they decided to keep doing tag matches every month (after briefly considering scaling back to every other month) in lieu of a league, Matt will put together the teams on a monthly basis. no word on whether members will still be able to vote on team pairings.

perhaps, the most intriguing news, is the addition of a bonus round 4, where the loser gets brutally throat-fucked by a real cock. this will be an entirely separate d/l, and only girls who normally do b/g, will take part in the bonus round. there are a host of new girls ready to debut next season, but we can’t confirm anyone at this time. Skin Diamond was one name being mentioned.

we’ll be the first to report it, and if it’s not true, then we’ll eat it. it doesn’t look like Dia Zerva is going to be able to compete in Summer Vengeance. word is that she suffered a neck injury in a non-wrestling shoot. the timetable for her return was 4-6 weeks, but u can never be too careful with an injury of that nature. Dia’s 1/4 final match against Cheyenne, was scheduled to go live on the site August 12, but the only other match currently set to be taped is Dragon vs. Bella on July 20. we here at IGRO wish Dia a speedy recovery, and hope to see her back on the mat, in the near future. if Dia can’t compete, then we get the huepow special in one semi-final, as Cheyenne will face Ariel X! next week, the last 1/4 final spot is up for grabs, and the Freezing Moon sets on Sara Jay…

Cheyenne 295 317 273 885
Jessie 9 0 0 9



10 Responses to “Summer Vengeance V – Week 7 – Cheyenne Jewel vs. Jessie Cox”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    This raises lots of questions.
    If we’re going to have a cock involved, the loser may as well be fucked with it in the pussy or ass as well as the throat. Presumably the winner will still do the other holes?
    Does this mean Isis will no longer be performing strap-on duties?
    And what do you mean by d/l?
    As far as SV is concerned, if Dia doesn’t get fit in time, what price a Bella versus Ariel final? She who fights and fucks for the fat people, versus Miss Whole Fuckin Show, plus one of the most ridiclous weight differences ever seen on the US mat.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      the bonus round will be blowjob only, with a stunt cock and the loser. they are still doing the regular round 4, where the winner fucks the loser.
      Isis will no longer be involved in singles matches. I’m guessing she’ll still take part in fucking the losers in tag matches.
      d/l = download
      Bella vs. AX is quite the contrast. Bella would be out of gas by the end of round 1.

  2. Grem BHM Says:

    Skin Diamond … the daughter of King Diamong !

  3. Joe Says:

    A new blow-job only round? At the same time as Matt making his return to ref duties? How convenient 😉 lol

  4. Ringmaster Says:

    Not sure that Bella has stamina problems to the extent that she once did. Match with Dragon will reveal all.
    Skin Diamond can certainly take punishment from whips or cocks – she may be the new Annie Cruz. She also comes highly recommended – read what Ariel said about her after a lezbo shoot: “The scene with Skin was amazing. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. I couldn’t stop looking into her beautiful brown eyes. Her nose is so fucking cute. I know that sounds like a weird thing to say but hear me out. I am aware that I have a “big” nose…for a girl.. I think girls with tiny little noses are simply the cutest thing in the world. I wanted to suck her nose off her face but that’s gross so I just sucked her clit.”

  5. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    Bella twitted a pic on the 19 wearing her ultimate surrender outfit. I guess her match was scheduled for this day and not the 20th. Any idea of who won?

  6. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    Bella just twitted shes in pain from head to toe, and also that Dragon is a savage. I guess this gives us a pretty good idea of who won!

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      I guess Dragon’s training session with AX and Cheyenne, from a few weeks back, really paid off 🙂 with those three plus Darling, it should be a helluva final four!

  7. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    I guess it paid off! btw how do you know they trained together? I really never tought Bella could beat Dragon. I DO think Darling will give her one hell of a fight though!

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