Local Idiot Tries Unsuccessfully To Get Paid 64 Hours For 8 Hours Of Work

I’ve got some good news and some bad news. the bad news is that I couldn’t get paid for all six days I was off work on the week of July 4. I was trying to blow out all my vacation time, like a freshman coed’s O-ring. they would only pay me for five days, and since I worked one of those days, I had to re-work my hours. the first time I submitted my hours, I edited that I had clocked in for 8 hours, and then in the comments section wrote either personal holiday or sick day, for three of those days. the second time I submitted my hours, I had them all listed as vacation days. but since my personal hours expire when my anniversary rolls around in mid-August, I had to submit them a third time. when it was all said and done, I ended up with 8 hours of vacation, 16 hours of personal holiday time, 8 hours of sick pay, and 8 hours that I actually worked. the good news is that I still have 32 hours of vacation time, which makes my job a little more tolerable. we’re eyeing another trip sometime around September or October.

watched an epic Super Mario Bros. run, where the player finished the entire game, with 600 points:

have u ever wondered what they use to make those creepy sound effects in horror movie:

watched two episodes of Food Party, an episode of Star-ving, and passed out during an episode of The Dating Guy. it’s a flash animation show about dating…and it’s from Canaduh. low-key hangout, I had some bottom shelf whiskey. hipsterscum went to a party in Leesburg, no big whoop!

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